T-ara Updates

120717 – KBS Open Concert


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Day by Day MV BTS

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T-ara Star Life Theater – English Subbed Episodes 1&2

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T-ara greeting Malaysian fans

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T-ara Sponge Pheromone Party

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T-ara ‘Roly Poly’

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T-ara vs. Sistar

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T-ara Day by Day @ KBS Sponge Zero

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KBS Mylove Interview

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120715 – MBC Idol Athletic Championship

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T-ara members’ personal activities to affect group promotions (koreaboo)
T-ara to be First Korean Girl Group to Perform at the Budokan (enewsworld)
Tickets for T-ara’s first independent concert in Korea selling fast (allkpop)
T-ara to release electronic pop track titled, “Sexy Love” (koreaboo)
T-ara’s ‘Lovey-Dovey’ is The Most Downloaded Single of 2012 So Far (enewsworld)
T-ara clarifies why SISTAR’s Hyorin spoke to them informally (allkpop)
T-ara’s fans donate 0.73 tons of rice to malnourished children (allkpop)
T-ara Says Fans Shouldn’t Worry about the Members’ Health (enewsworld)
T-ara’s Eunjung sheds tears as she discusses the bond between the members (allkpop)
T-ara’s Eunjung Shows Her “Clean Freak” Side? (soompi)
T-ara’s Eunjung expresses her gratitude towards her mom on ‘Star Life Theater’ (allkpop)
T-ara’s Eunjung admits she was initially against the addition of new members (allkpop)
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9 Responses to T-ara Updates

  1. lily26 says:

    Omona .. She is really really pretty… !! Jangwoo’s mouth will open once again if he see Eunjung with that red cloth hehe LOL. Jangwoo sshi, you have to catch her.. grab her.. XDD

  2. sarah says:

    oh my god….she lost a lot of weight…right??????
    why??????i liked her body…i mean i love her new body too but i think she is more pretty and cute when she is a little fat…right?

    • lily26 says:

      Yes i think so.. she’s slimmer now.. maybe because of her tight schedule.. but she looks fine 🙂 pretty…. specially in the red cloth and short pant. I would like to see her in that cloth on WGM… XDD

    • kaka says:

      i just hope that she stays healthy even with that thight schedule….

  3. Em Lin says:

    What an amazing job the admin are doing! Seriously, this website is the best!! Thank you for all your hard work! Fighting! ❤

    • Em Lin says:

      And I’d like to add that I’m soooo glad T-ara represent my country for the Idol Athletic Championship, it made my day keke

  4. I really love the first few pics of Eunjung with long hair and in red tank top…

    She is just gorgeous!!!

    Hopefully Jangwoo gets a glimpse of her pics..

    Thank you Adm for all videos of Tara..

    It was great watching them…

  5. aina says:

    the cameraman loves eunjung so much ha? 😀
    i love every pics of eunjung! taken perfectly

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