‘Five Fingers’ Press-Conference – Video

*15 vids in total


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36 Responses to ‘Five Fingers’ Press-Conference – Video

  1. hannah-is-in-love-with-t-ara says:

    She looks sad!!!….:(

  2. I hope she is okay… her looks :(( Eunjung you must be strong ❤

  3. kaejung says:

    Fighting Fighting Fighting Eunjung

  4. clearwater says:

    Eunjung Fighting! Five Fingers Fighting!

    [Btw, WGM Special this Saturday, a new couple, Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah, will be introduced. UEE, JoKwon and Park So Hyun will be guests. Oh Yeon Seo and her partner will be for September So there are TWO new couples huh. Ok my heart is starting to break. Breathe in, breathe out. WooJung, Fighting!]

    • Kiwi says:

      Well I heard through the grapevine that Lee Teuk oppa was supposed to leave for his military training in October sooo maybe Oh Yeon Seo and her partner will be taking over for them instead????

      • clearwater says:

        Yes, and that could mean both TeukSo and WooJung will be replaced soon. 😦 I’m still trying to be optimistic though. But then I guess if that happens I’ll just hope WooJung will end beautifully and not so abruptly.

        • but arent usually wgm concept they have 3 or 4 couple so that they can reduce airtime for each cp and save recording footage ..im just hoping they will not end bcos of the situation I want woojung to have beautiful ending. am I demanding to much? 😦

          • clearwater says:

            Yes I think it used to be 3 or 4 couples before. Probably they will do it slowly. Like a transition period. Like you said they could reduce each couple’s airtime to save footage and sort of delay the ending by prolonging each recorded episode. So that when the actual final recorded episode is aired, the controversy has hopefully cooled down and then the new couples have already transitioned as well. That way, it won’t look like a couple ended just because of the controversy, plus, the viewers already got used to the new couples. Probably. That’s just a guess. So I’m not sure. Still crossing my fingers and hoping for a beautiful ending. MBC owes WGM viewers so much already for depriving us of our WooJung episodes during the strike. I think we all deserve to see a happy and beautiful WooJung ending (and hopefully NOT TOO SOON)! ‘Coz our hearts need to rest from the stress brought by the controversy.

    • winnieBG says:

      oh, where you got that? i’ve seen a different statement here – http://kpopfever.com/2012/08/we-got-married-to-add-a-new-couple-without-dropping-the-current-ones/
      (hope this is true!)

      • it’s true about new couple. and Oh Yeon Seo is pretty much confirmed as well. So yeah – 1 new couple now + 1 new couple in September. Last year experiment with 4 couples didnt go well, so I believe either one of old couples or even both will leave WGM next month.
        I guess WGM doesnt give statements about old couple(s) leaving because they have episodes to air and it’ll happen, maybe in a month, so it’s just early to announce now.

        • winnieBG says:

          thank you, Yuoi!
          oh, don’t know what to think anymore…:( just want our Woojung to not end because of this malicious controversy with T-ara (act. i don’t want them to end at all …know it’s impossible 😥 )

      • clearwater says:


        Okay… they’re all from Allkpop LOL.

        Notice the discrepancy… in Allkpop “Oh Yeon Seo recently finished her first filming for the show and will appear on air in September.” and in KpopFever “It had also been previously reported that actress Oh Yeon Seo was one of the cast of the new couple, but her agency has stated regarding the report, ‘It’s true that we had been offered a spot on the show, but it isn’t true that we already filmed an episode.’ They also stressed that the actress will concentrate on her role on the KBS drama ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly’ until September.”

        But the article (thank you @winnieBG!) sort of brought my hopes up. I really hope it’s true as well. Using “‘We Got Married’ To Add A New Couple Without Dropping the Current Ones” as a title in an article is nice and soothing to read. I mean it’s like a shout out to its readers/viewers to not worry because they will still keep the current couples. It’s not a mere line in an article. It’s the title. It has some volume to it.

        Okay but then again, I might be too optimistic. I also have a feeling that of course they won’t announce anything so soon. Perhaps not to shock the viewers. I guess they’re waiting for a proper transition period like some passing of the torch kind of thing or perhaps to make sure the viewers would get used to the newbies first before pulling out the old ones. Or again another optimistic thought: perhaps they will test the waters first and see the response of the viewers (and then that’s the time to decide… yes decide because I’m still hoping there is no final decision yet to pull them out).
        Haha pardon me and my ramblings. WooJung Fighting!

        • winnieBG says:

          thanks for the info, Clearwater! i just avoid allkpop recently … (in order to keep my sanity LOL)
          but, yeah, WOOJUNG FIGHTING!!!! EUNJUNG and JANGWOO FIGHTING!!!!!

          • clearwater says:

            Initially I wanted to avoid Allkpop because I just get disappointed and carried away and it’s obviously SM-biased and run by anti-fans. But I end up reading its articles anyway because I also want to know the “moves” of the “enemy” and then I seek refuge and comfort in this site. LOL. 🙂

    • clearwater says:

      Woooah!!! Another couple?!? http://www.allkpop.com/2012/08/zeas-kwanghee-and-secrets-sunhwa-join-we-got-married-3-as-new-couple
      3 new couples + 2 old (and outgoing?) couples

      • Jen says:

        [Update – Contrary to what was said and reported earlier, ‘We Got Married’ has announced that Kwanghee and Sunhwa are being considered and have not been confirmed for the show in the newest article here]
        There is an update! It is unconfirmed! 🙂

  5. Bloody B says:

    It’s ok that you’re sad, It’s ok that you lost some weight but it’s not ok for me if you’re not healthy..Eunjung ah~<3 I love you no matter what.

    Ps. Jihoon~Shi plz don't look at my Eunjung like that lol

  6. Irene Lim says:

    If two couples are introduce to WGM that woojung couple is ending soon. So sad not seeing them together anymore….

  7. crazyofyou says:

    I’m just.. so speechless… she looks so sad.. oh my god.. I feel like I wanna crying… 😦 Ham Eunjung please be strong.. !!

  8. eunjungmolkang says:

    omg they broke her spirit…i’m so sad right now looking at her so sad

  9. tipani says:

    aawwww!!eunjung looks so sad!! 😦
    I miss the cheerful and jolly Eunjung so bad!!

  10. krisjul says:

    She looks really sad and uncomfortable with thosr cameras..eunjung stay strong!!fighting!! And I cant imagine not seeing them both in wgm..when i think about the possibilities that they gonna replace soon,my heart starting to break.cant live without them.woojung is stress reliever..pls wgm,keep them forever..eunjung and jangwoo fighting!!well support you all the way!!love you both!

  11. jknlet says:

    i feel a heavy pressure on my chest seeing her like this, i knwe she would look sad, but this is like depression. So horrible, she lost weight but not for the right reasons and not because of healty reasons.

    something needs to change or happend for good because if not…i don´t know what to think she is like in bad health, i saw in some pictures on her chest askin reaction that happens when you´re very stressed.
    (well, stress itself is not the cause but if you have some allergy can be worsened for stress)

  12. tiass says:

    why i cann’t see this video? 😥
    why the video is privat? 😥

  13. Awe says:

    OMG.. Eunjung, what have they done to you. She look so sad and nervous, often avoiding eye contact with the audience (maybe reporters?). I’m really worried, it’s not healthy at all. I hope she gets through this stage. Eunjung, be strong..

  14. Awe says:

    Just saw vids of EJ’s interview. She was good. EJ fighting..

  15. shirley says:

    I feel pain when I look at her!Her eyes,her smile make me cry. She bow down so muchhhhhh.Ham Eun Jung 5ting!

  16. Irene Lim says:

    One more day to go we will able to see Eunjung acting in the drama, its show on Aug 18th right?
    we will able to see her buddy smile again as this drama she suppose to act buddy Girl.

  17. Bancai says:

    Need to learn korean >_>

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