Lee Jang Woo – ‘The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say’ MV

cr: Made M

Lee Jang Woo releases 2nd version of “Words I Couldn’t Bear to Say” MV (allkpop)
Lee Jang Woo to perform on ‘Music Core’ with “Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say” (allkpop)

Shot in Japan 6-9 August 2012

p.s. idk if this is an official MV, or just kind of promoional video/teaser (the song is not complete in it)

upd. Made M uploaded this video on their channel as ‘MV’

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24 Responses to Lee Jang Woo – ‘The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say’ MV

  1. kaejung says:

    lovely I miss WooJung

  2. vicky says:

    wow !!! jangwoo is so handsome in this mv . but i don’t think this isn’t “The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say” MV .

  3. natasha says:

    If eunjung will not appear in this music video, i will stop shipping this couple

  4. guys, I feel sorry to destroy your bubbles, but usually public interactions after WGM ends are VERY rare for couples. At least I noticed it observing post-WGM Yongseo and Khuntoria.
    They can mention each other in interviews, or meet at concerts, but that’s all.
    You need to be patient to ship post-WGM couple, sometimes it’s better just shift your attention to their individual activities, cherish the past and appreciate every tiny moment from now on..

    • yup it’s true..it’s really rare for the past wgm cp to do a project together especially if they just ended from wgm..but in future of course we can hope :)))

    • mtdrhj says:

      i think that’s why this MV only just 2 minutes cos the other minutes should be for EJ only…
      he3x just delusional…

    • 마라 says:

      First of…love the avy Yuoi…if you make it a gif it’ll be much cuter : )

      I’ll take the “very rare” possibility of being seen together over “NOT EVER” hands down. From what I can recollect, YongSo couple shared a stage a couple of occasions; Adams went on a visit Korea campaign & did a drama together & if I am not mistaken both after their WGM stint. There were also occasions that couples appeared on variety shows, JJ & SY even became a real couple though briefly, the 1 couple I have not seen @ any time in shows post WGM are the Ssangchus. To me JW & EJ collaborating in the future is highly possible in my opinion since both are actors & performers….the history between them during their stay in WGM that I have no doubt are both sincere & real…those elements & their love & friendship only makes future collaboration, be it on being MCs, duet, variety shows, CFs, drama or the big screen makes it very possible….”BUT” all these issues around T-ARA, that was blown out of proportion & took a different life of its own based on the netizens who really knows nothing about what is going on…NEEDS to dissipate to an unnoticeable element first & for everyone affected need their wounds healed first before any WooJung projects starts to even be conceptualized, so they can be both on their best for these projects. I believe Made-M loves EJ probably more that CCM itself, so don’t think they see EJ as a risk to JW or their agency as a whole for them not to allow JW, their most valuable talent to be on the same project with EJ in the future….just my thoughts.

  5. Lovkook says:

    I’ll always happy if there is no female lead in this song mv. It’s hard to see EJ in his MV, it’s so obvious

    • Lovkook says:

      Moreover in every press release from made m about this song, they always said that this song is written as a gift for our EJ
      I just wait to see if tomorrow EJ or her mom send flower wealth to him
      Or he do for T-ara come back

    • crazyforyou says:

      yup, me too, if Eunjung can’t appear in this mv, we only can see Jangwoo, that’s OK, we all knew about the situation, but … other female can’t appear in this MV too, never ever.. It’s better, I think. XDD

  6. Song says:

    Woojung fans with every sincere hearts hope Jang Woo will be supporting T-ara.

  7. flora says:

    I miss Woojung and can’t wait to see Jangwoo sing in Music Core..

    Eunjung be strong…listen to Jangwoo’s song for you and know he misses you too…

    Will always be loving both of you….Woojung..

  8. Joyce says:

    Handsome Jangoonnim there ^^. Hope EJ can be in the MV with him, my wish lol….I miss molkang molkang couple!!!!
    Hope to see them reunited on stage when T-ara coming back next week.
    Jang Woo fighting!!! Eunjung fighting!!! Woojung fighting!!!

  9. PIM says:

    3rd Reminiscence … I will wait and keep eyes on Jangwoo.

  10. maria iris says:

    wishing that there will be flashback scenes of woojung while ljw sings.i am sure woojung fans will go berserk with happiness.

  11. MaLLy says:

    Eyes on Woojung couple !_!
    Comeback T-ARA 😉 oohhh my Good!! The Justice existence =)
    By happy!!!
    Hot debut Lee Jang Woo!!!

    Thanks you Good!!!!

    T-ara Again…..again…again……..

    Ugle… bad…. internautas antifans!!!!!

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