Lee Jang Woo ‘The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say’ on ‘Music Core’

cr: Made-M

1080p MBC



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28 Responses to Lee Jang Woo ‘The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say’ on ‘Music Core’

  1. crazyforyou says:

    my internet connection is lagging make me can’t stream live properly.. brrr.. aigh….

  2. Porkbao says:

    Omg he’s on. He’s so good! AHHHHH I miss WooJung so bad!

  3. flora says:

    Wow…Jangwoo just finished singing…love it! But it doesn’t look like it ‘s live singing as there were 3 images of him at the same time..

    Anyway he was singing with so much sadness and I am hoping Eunjung watched that…

    Still loving you Woojung…..Fighting!

  4. I was watching live when my slow connection stop the streaming and I couldn’t watch the end of the song… So, thanks a lot for the video.
    JangWoo looks so sad during this song, but he sings so well! Everytime I hear this song I have goosebumps.
    I hope EunJung watched the show 🙂

  5. nam-aoi says:

    very nice… Jangwoo show perfect today
    Eunjung look to see the show today ?

  6. 마라 says:

    Ok….not JW , not the performance & definitely not the song…but I find this whole concept stage with 3 of him appearing holding a mic and singing…. “awkward”. Who ever thought of this concept…if they wanted it to appear like a music video rather than an actual live or recorded solo stage, they should have just asked him to sing sans microphone….I don’t know it looks silly to me when he was singing by the table holding a mic. Overall though, I have no doubt about his ability as an actor & as a singer..also it helps that this is a really nice, relate able song too….hope an official MV & not a picture slide show is on the works.

    Thanks for sharing Ms Y : )

    • LOL I thought that him sitting with mic at the table was weird too >.< and I believe he would've brought emotions in better in front of the crowd
      hope there'll be more 'usual' stages.. though I dont think there'll be many his performances anyways..

      p.s. responding to one of your earlier comments – both my JW icons are actually GIFs, they dont work here on wordpress =(

    • lily26 says:

      yes I felt it’s weird too, I hope we can see him stand on the stage on the next performance.. BTW he looked so handsome, I like his outfit and hairdo.. perfect for me ^_*

  7. clearwater says:

    I really had a nice timing because it’s his turn to sing when I tuned in. Too bad, I wasn’t able to stream it properly. (I had been using ionair every Saturday for WGM but I just discovered today that I can’t access it free anymore… 😦 Good thing I was able to watch WooJung Finale properly last week via ionair).
    Anyway at least there’s a youtube video uploaded immediately so I can watch it better.
    I love the setting. I love his voice (as always). I love the song (still makes me sad).
    He really improved a lot in front of the camera (thanks to WGM) because I remember him in Strong Heart talking about how hard and awkward it was for him to sing in music shows during his 24/7 days because he doesn’t know which camera to look at since it switches from time to time and he was too conscious back then.
    I guess this time… the song’s emo concept gave him leeway not look at cameras that much LOL.
    I guess (and hope) Eunjung watched his performance. After all, the song is for her.

    I can’t wait for Eunjung’s turn to perform again! I am really hoping for the success of Mirage/Sexy Love. I wish there will be some WooJung interactions again in Music Bank. And someday, when the time is right, I hope WooJung can appear in a new version of MV for The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say.

    I just read the article about WGM having a WGM village… the couples will live together in a village?? LOL I can’t imagine WooJung in the WGM village, WooJung… especially Jangwoo would go crazy LOL. It would have been exciting though for WooJung. Sigh. Oh well.

    I know @yuoi said that it’s rare for public interactions among WGM couples when their stints end… but I’m not totally losing hope. Someday, when the time is right, we will probably have good news about WooJung (drama, mv, cf, movie, song collaboration, we got married again LOL, real marriage, etc). I mean, it’s rare, but it’s still possible. After all, among all other WGM couples, it’s WooJung that really stood out because they did things differently and were brave enough not to conform to what is common. Still hopeful. 🙂

    WooJung Fighting!

  8. Pass-by says:

    Sorry how u keep urself updated?? what other streaming sites can you suggest? other than the ionair???

  9. myrkpopislove says:


  10. lily26 says:

    ah.. suddenly.. I miss woojung…. I want to watch their eps from the first to the last again.. I don’t know how many time i watched woojung eps, I can’t count it anymore.. LOL

  11. jes says:

    Coffee, wooden stool, the herb pot, the natural background…Everything JangWoo did for EunJung…

  12. Joyce says:

    Watching him last night make me miss Woojung again especially their last goodbye :(. I miss them so much. The setting reminds us of everything about Woojung. Hope that she watched his performance and support him.This song is surely for Eunjung and only Eunjung. Please don’t sing it to any other girls Jangoonnim. Hope to see Woojung reunited on Music show soon. Wish Jang Woo and T-ara all the best.

  13. MaLLy says:


    I feel that we have much more to see of Woojung partner, whether it separately 🙂
    But the joy of seeing a return Eunjung T-ara with this new phase of reflection and apologies about the bitter pill they have lived all this month and circumstances.

    Many successes for both, really deserve the best … also have to continue working to form his family, buy her apartment and think babies dream costs nothing ijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijiji

  14. MaLLy says:

    We have to wait until September 7 (which comes already)
    We have to be alert 🙂

  15. Maya2196 says:

    2.58 looked his face and he was like sighed deep, the feeling and the last moment on WGM are still there…still vivid in his eyes and mind… i wish next week he will perform live in music core and there’s T-ara Eunjung as well so it’s complete scene!!*my wish*..it’ll be Deabak!! this song is dedicated only for Eunjung.

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