Lee Jang Woo ‘The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say’ and MC-ing on ‘Music Bank’

1080p: ‘The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say’

cr: lokyan64

ZE:A + JangWoo Backstage

cr: atnNG90channel

MC Cuts:

2012/09/07 MUSIC BANK CHART from made_m on Vimeo.

cr: Made-M

Today’s winner – KARA (lol Jangwoo with Siwan and Kwanghee at the end ^^)

cr: billy00820001

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60 Responses to Lee Jang Woo ‘The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say’ and MC-ing on ‘Music Bank’

  1. myrkpopislove says:

    jangwooo wae so handsome??hahah…

  2. jes says:

    There must be something appeared that made the audiences shout so loudly near at the end of JangWoo’s performance. If only I could know…

  3. Lovkook says:

    I love his voice, still sad after hearing it again.
    Hope EJ will be at MB next week

  4. there was no teaser for next week comeback T-ara, though I still hope they’ll appear there.
    KBS said everything is in discussion, so it’s not a clear ‘no’ ^^

    p.s. about vid with ZEA where Jangwoo answered ‘UEE’, it was question about favorite female singer (correct me if I’m wrong!)
    I feel like today there was more UEE-JW flirt/teasing, feels like MB writers use Jangwoo’s new ‘single’ status. hehe.
    I beg you, guys, not leave hateful comments. it’s just what we should expect from now on from both Jangwoo and EunJung (like EJ chose both JJH and CJW on 5F press-con, sorry for reminding about it ;____;).

    • why did Jangwoo sing holding mic in the left hand? 😕

      • Kimmie Hong says:

        Hi Youi,
        First of all, I would like to say to all of the admim who are still spending much time to bring lovely things from Woojung Couple “THANK YOU SO MUCH”. I still miss,cry Woojung so much when I saw them on video. After watching Jangwoo’s performance his solo, I feel that he already cries, heartache inside. But I do not know why you mention that Jangwoo hold micro at his left hand. If something still hides secretly, or you think Jangwoo changes ….. Truely, I always wish Woojung Couple like Woojung Couple before…..

      • Kimmie Hong says:

        Hi Yuoi,
        I just think about your question “WHY DID JANGWOO SING HOLDING MIC IN THE LEFT HAND?”. This question is just in my mind, that is the reason why I still keep watching Woojung’s WGM again and again like that. I am not sure but I think the reason why Jangwoo hold mic on his left hand because every time his left hand hold Eujung’s right hand tightly. And also the last ep; JW stood at the stage for singing. When JW did not sing well, he used his left hand to put on his chest and turned around. That is their beautiful memories too. Anyway, I do love Woojung together forever….. Molkkang…..Molkkang.

  5. Maya2196 says:

    just curious on Music Bank with ZE;A, do you see that LJW wore couple bracelets which he bought for EJ birthday last year? help… :))

  6. Lovkook says:

    What did he say about UEE in backstage clip?

  7. Lovkook says:

    Sorry, to ask again, I just see above answer.
    why he say UEE, it should be after school.
    I feel sad but will never give up hope for this couple.

    • Bambypamby says:

      Don’t be sad. During this kind of atmosphere, mentioning UEE is safe.
      You don’t want him to be the next target of haters by saying Eunjung or T-ARA, right?


      • music bank mc always have this kind of flirt with each other which im sure the script writer scripted it for them..even the former mc also sometime flirt with each other…chill out guys…you can see the different when he is with Eunjung ^.~ WOOJUNG IS FOREVER ❤

  8. Eunjungfan says:

    All I could see was the flashback of Eunjung crying. This is making me tear up again. It’s just a shame that Woojung had to end in the midst of the controversy. I was really hoping to see Eunjung to be featured in this song. She has every right for it. The song was a gift for her from Jangwoo. Ahh, I miss Woojung so much. I hope this conroversy will be over soon and Woojung will star in a drama together.

  9. eunjungmolkang says:

    i hope jangwoo chose other singer as his fave out of respect to eunjung and uee.
    a real gentleman should do that to avoid issues from woojung fans and also to avoid uee from getting bash.

    i’m a bit disappointed with jangwoo.

    • Jen says:

      Nah, this show is heavily scripted. Just like how the reporters made them pose a ‘heart’, this one is also done by Music Bank PDs. He’s an MC, he probably knows the script. 🙂 Most WGM couples, after they ended, always chose their respective partners. But this time, it’s a little hard.. :/

      • eunjungmolkang says:

        i think i just expected too much from jangwoo. I should realistically accept now that their tandem is just for show. Outside of wgm, they have their own lives and career to focus on.

        anyway i wish them all the best in their respective careers.

    • Maya2196 says:

      A real gentleman is a must stand up for the one he loves not avoid it, in this circumstances LJW is forbidden to do so by EJ, if you read LJW messages at RUAH, you’ll know how his feeling and mind. i dont understand why celebs in korea never stand up for their own dignity (name) and pride. the results is let the antis think negatively…pfeewww…
      LJW interview answered about UEE is according to the written contract becoz their MCs, so they must follow the scripts. it’s their job to support each other as long as their bound to contract agreement. it’s tough for them. don’t you think they have their own opinion about that?

      • crazyforyou says:

        I think jangwoo is always have different answer about ‘someone who become favorite to him’
        When WGM ep. 1, He said his favorite girl group is T-ara, even he knew Eunjung didn’t come to Olympic Idol at the time
        When he filmed with Kim Sun Ah, he said that his fav. is Kim sun ah (correct me if i’m wrong).
        and now when He’s Mcing with UEE, he said that his fav. for female singer is UEE.
        but i think Kim Tae Hee is always become his favorite actress (correct me if i’m wrong).
        well.. he seems so flexible heheheh LOL

  10. Laila says:

    Lol. I’m always disappointed with Jangwoo’s interview’s answers. Its was always u guys who change my perception about the answers. U can actually tell that he wants more popularity than supporting Eunjung. I don’t know. *Shrugs*

  11. Kimmie Hong says:

    First of all, if you guys read my common, please forgive me!!!! The time still passes away, my pain still not release yet. I watch WGM of Woojung Couple many times even though again and again, sometime I get mad at Jangwoo the way he cheat on Eunjung. Now I know why , Jangwoo still does not want to show his emotion, his behavior, his action that he has beautiful memories between him and Eunjung to public or haters. I think this is good way to protect for Eunjung and himself. My feeling lets me know that Woojung is in love forever!!!

  12. Jen says:

    Hehe. ZE:A mentioned Eunjung right? He looked cute when he denied it. 😛 Whatever he might say, the song was dedicated to Eunjung, he’s thinking about her when he sings the song. :)) Woojung fighting!

  13. Joyce says:

    Well, it’s understandable that JW didn’t mention EJ because of what happen between T-ara and KBS rite now. Though I am a lil sad to see JW flirt with Uee too much and even chose her as his favorite. Seeing JW flirt with other girl just broke my heart when I keep remembered EJ’s tears and how sad she was at their last goodbye date. Sometimes I do feel like JW cheated on EJ :(. Hopefully T-ara can perform on MB next week. Hope to see WooJung reunited again some day. I really miss them. Jangoonnim please still care and love EJ as you always have because she really need it rite now with everything happened to her.
    Woojung fighting! Jang Woo and EJ fighting!!!

  14. SARA says:

    i want to khow what happened almost in the end of JangWoo performance that make audiences scream suddenly ????

  15. eunjung says:

    sumtimes i feel JW juz using EJ…sigh..hopefully i was wrong…

    • jknlet says:

      Well i was suspectig he was using Eunjung to start as a singer but denied to myself but now… Start to doubt again.
      But to be honest i don’t think JW can go any further as a singer iike him but as an actor.

      Well by the moment the only thinks that matters to me now is Eunjung to be better and normal woth T-ara and after that go and hit JW kekeke

      • Awe says:

        JW using EJ??!! I don’t know about that,.. Maybe he has EJ’s permission and support to use this song for his debut, seeing how supportive EJ is to JW and to her friends

    • bayc says:

      I felt heartbroken when I saw him with another girl, it’s look like I’m the one who is getting betrayed.. 🙂 and even think the same way like you do then I try to deny it, then I doubt it.. but then I think everything is okay.. what a complicated feeling..
      Now I’m trying to move on, I learned from the old couple and start to see another one.. ok, I didn’t learn how sad I am when the show is ended. Then I just talk to myself that everything is just for the show. If there’s good news, it’s supposed to be a bonus.
      Best wishes for both of them

    • Maya2196 says:

      I dont think so, LJW is not kind of that man, he is a real gentlemen (no earings, no tattos, no smoking but drink ) if jaemin posted in EJ twitter earlier on, it was also on LJW behalf, machi? since they are close to EJ, LJW doesnt have twitter, he does EJ mobile’s no?
      to all woojung shippers, please be positive thinking…it’s good for your brain and heart.. negative thinking is only rotten your precious brain and heart. *im always like this,be positive thinking so i can go forward* hehehe…peace woojung shipperss…

  16. Maya2196 says:

    LJW caught on cam when Kwang hee asked him about EJ, shocked and bashed written all his face, he works for KBS and there’s code ethic for those who works for KBS, you must follow the rules. so personal life and work have to separate. if you remember WGM when they went to fishing , went to lodge, had massaged in jacuzzi/spa together then had dinner, what did JW said to EJ, please don’t be jealous, it is just a job/work for him… i still believe what he said to EJ till now. woman hunches…hihi

    • T says:

      Thank god for your comment! All of the previous comments put me in disbelief. There’s some things I’d rather not read on a WOOJUNG based site!!

      As much as I miss woojung, & doubt the couple sometimes, I re-watch their older episodes and I feel much more assured. I understand that wgm can be scripted to some extent, but there’s just some things you can’t fake. Comparing them to some of my favorite couples (khuntoria) I’m SO convinced that there is indeed something going on between the two, whether or not they are dating.

      Btw I LOVED jangwoo’s performance! I’m sooooo addicted to that song. His voice is so calming… So… Beautiful!! Ps. Is it just me, or has our lovely jangoonim been looking a bit more plump lately??? I’m not complaining though. He looks very healthy! 😀

    • Lovkook says:

      What he was asked?

    • Moni says:

      wait what did he ask jang woo? besides the favorite artist thing

  17. Awe says:

    What’s with some negative comments. I don’t think its something new, JW (& EJ) had always been like this. I remember ej’s interview in Spris (?), she choose Kim Soohyun (her co-star in DH) to Jw as her ideal man, or ej really wanted to act with joo woon (gaksital) in a drama. I agree with T’s comment that there something going on between the two, whether or not they are dating.

    Btw, where is kermintence, Uee is here.. Uee HOT.. 😉

    • T says:

      agreed!! i couldn’t sit back seeing all of those comments, so i spoke up.
      if anything, it’s kind of fun when jangwoo and eunjung do this. it plays with our emotions and so we feel even more attached to them as a couple.

      but seriously guys! if ever you feel unsure about Woojung, re-watch their older episodes. Watch all of their vacation episodes too, they oooze the woojung lovin’ we always crave to see! 🙂

      • crazyforyou says:

        I think that Woojung fans who is feel more getting betrayed than Eunjung itself XDD
        I guess Eunjung is so busy right now with T-ara, so maybe she doesn’t have time to think about the topic that we talked here.. 🙂

    • UEE? who is she? a new artist? never heard
      the only idol i know is Ham EunJung
      EunJung Fighting!!!!!

      U………..ahh, noo

      and PHS of course 🙂

      • Kimmie Hong says:

        UEE the one who does normally perform MC with Jangwoo, and also do you remember @ ep 49 of WGM, UEE also the one who gave Jangwoo’s birthday cake while Eunjung was in Japan. Truelly, I myself do not like the way she is, and her behavior looks down on people( everything come out on her face). I am so sorry for talking like this because my feeling just let me know.

      • lily26 says:

        LOL.. you are back !!

  18. riyel says:

    Kermitence, yohoooo!!! where are you? Be the mood destroyer here, talk about UEE again LMAO maybe you can gain more likes here than dislikes hahahahahaha. PEACE:P

  19. Lovkook says:

    I saw woojung moments again 3 times after ending episodes.
    So, it seems like their feeling become more and more commit after Lombok. For the new record episodes EJ seems show more feeling for JW so I am very sad that she should feel uneasy watching JW play with other girls even it was scripted.
    Hope to see something between this couple next week on MB.
    BTW, JW looks chubby this day, may be he drink a lot..

  20. Cee (@xMiniCee) says:

    Seriously, I can’t listen to this song without thinking of WooJung couple. I kept thinking…wouldn’t it be so great if EJ suddenly walked out onto the stage? 🙂

  21. Moni says:

    i really hope they’re dating in real life. i know that if they were, they can’t announce it because of the t-ara scandal but i really do hope that they’re dating. they’re so cute and the way they acted in wgm…it didn’t seem fake at all. i hope everything is okay with eunjung too. FIGHTING WOOJUNG!

  22. Som San says:

    Our JW’s aura is going much more bright and shine…!! I C U ^_^

  23. jc1122 says:

    Congrats to LJW! everytime i heard this song all i remember is there break-up seen it always remind me of there WGM days i cant get over it Woojung couple marks in WGM history the most lovable couple even until the end all we know that they didn’t want the separation they trully acknowledge the feeling of being good together i hope they make it in real life they realized that they are meant to each other.

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