Jaemin’s mention on Eunjung in the interview


Source: enews (Korean)

In the interview, Jaemin said that after he tweeted in support for EunJung (and got hated because of it), EunJung contacted him and said ‘Why oppa did it, just like a fool…’. He cannot talk about this issue anymore.

cr: @kckclalala 

p.s. there are few sentences more in the interview, if you have full translation share please, thanks ^^

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11 Responses to Jaemin’s mention on Eunjung in the interview

  1. Joyce says:

    Jungie always so sweet and care for other people around her, she never wanted to see them hurt :(((. really admired their friendship!!! Poor Jaemin, those stupid antis attack him >.<. Grow up antis.

  2. Lovkook says:

    Thanks for his sincere for EJ
    As we can see that EJ would not want everyone to be hurt, JW too.

  3. eunjungmolkang says:

    i’ve seen him with eunjung in wgm, and i really feel his feelings for eunjung is more than a friend.
    I mean the way he looks at her is full of fondness and sweetness.

    he is so manly

  4. crazyforyou says:

    Jaemin is so sweet friend… I hope their friendship will last forever until they are old… 🙂

  5. shirley_lee says:

    Jaemin doens’t care bout the antis feedback, he just care & want to encourage EJ when she’s in difficult time because he feel hurt too when the antis talk bad bout EJ.

  6. PIM says:

    I love Jaemin … Brave Man

  7. Momo says:

    this is the reason for jang woo not really talking to eunjung in public right? due to the whole scandal thing and how netizens will start hating him if it seems like he’s on t-ara’s side. Honestly i hope this is the only reason because if jang woo really doesn’t have feelings for eunjung i think i’ll be more sad than her LOLOL.

  8. Dory says:

    We can easily forgive Jang woo because he did end the show with a song written to her. Eunjung understand his reasons and the tears were real.

  9. Intan says:

    Jaemin oppa really care about eunjung unnie situatian, i feel jaemin oppa have special feeling for eunjung unnie coz from my experience like jangwoo said women n a man can’t be friends, they have a chance be more than friends. This just my view

  10. iamlychee382 says:

    I can really see the strong friendship they had for a long year. Jaemin really couldnt take it anymore and as a close oppa he felt that he really need to speak up even though he knows he would be hated. I am amaze with their friendship even at wgm it is very obvious how much he really cares for her. They really care for each other. I hope their friendship to last longer and to be stronger.

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