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[121031-1103] T-ara Updates

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“I Do I Do” will air in Japan + Stills

Episode 1 airs on December 2nd, 2012, on KNTV. source: hot-korea

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[INTERVIEW] Lee Jang Woo’s ‘Career + Interest + Love + Family’

sources: 1 2 3 4 Kor-Chi Trans: Shapley水の滢 @ WooJung Baidu (@Chingkhunnie) Chi-Eng Trans: @catgoh92 Don’t forget to thank these gorgeous translators! ^^ catgoh92’s remarks are in GREY Do not forget that it’s Kor-Chi-Eng translation, there might be some inaccuracy, or … Continue reading

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[121026] Lee Jang Woo MC-ing ‘Music Bank’

cr: Made-M

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Chun Jung Myung talks about Jangwoo

Excerpt from Chun Jung Myung’s interview commemorating ‘Glory Jane’ DVD release in Japan source: Kstyle (Japanese) Jap-Chi Trans: 爱猪排 @ LeeJangWoo Baidu And big thanks to amazing @catgoh92 for Chi-Eng Translation ^^ Q: How it was to act with Lee … Continue reading

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[121017] T-ara ‘Star Talk’ in Hong Kong

Only EunJung’s parts translated! cr: 520stars1 As always huge thanks to awesome Kola for translation! T/N: Only translated the parts that had Mandarin subs because I don’t understand Cantonese. [2:20] Interviewer: 1st Question Eunjung: I heard from Hong Kong friends that there … Continue reading

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Fanpics from Jangwoo’s ‘Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming’ filming set

Finally some updates on Jangwoo’s new daily drama! source: KAO KAO blog credit: hamuses @ WooJung baidu They’re already filming Episode 7!

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