‘We Got Married’ To Release WooJung Couple DVD in Japan

Parts 1 & 2 on December 22! Parts 3 & 4 on February 6, 2013!

Available to pre-order on Yesasia (Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3 Vol. 4 )

Available to pre-order on Amazon Japan (shipping ONLY within Japan)

Original article (in Japanese) Read unapoc‘s and eri‘s comments for some details!

DVD covers: Vol. 3&4

Photobucket Photobucket

Photo booklet from Vol. 1


credit and more: 大愛靜宇@ WooJung Baidu

[121222] Someone already got a copy:


cr: @knperfume

DVD covers:


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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55 Responses to ‘We Got Married’ To Release WooJung Couple DVD in Japan

  1. Lynnie Lindy says:

    Am I dreaming or what? Have WGM ever released dvd on any couples????? Are thy releasing WooJung or other couples??? Seriously.. i can’t believe it… and if it’s only woojung couple alone.. OMG.. this is something big for both of them… <3333333

    • I was informed that in Japan WGM DVDs come out regularly – I could find the info about Ssangchu and Adam..
      But really, I never expected smth like this for WGM (you know.. having their ‘luck’)

  2. Lynnie Lindy says:

    Thanks a lot yuoi~ ahh!! this gonna make thm both famous..!! in a way… gotta thnks WGM too~~ woo! another happy weekends for JW & EJ~~~ ❤

  3. ellice says:

    Oh, my God. Then two of us dreaming. Says that with unreleased material?, please hopefully with English subtitles. Although I know that dream too far.
    Tks Yuoi

  4. T says:


    i. want. that. dvd.

  5. lily26 says:

    Oh my God. this is really good news for us. if it’s out I hope we will share it here. and I hope Woojung will be famous in Japan, so there will a chance for them to have drama or CF together in Japan, who knows?
    and they will release unseen footage too? ohhh I’m so happy…..

  6. unapoc says:

    So excited news to begin this new day!!
    Aren’t there WGM’s DVD in Korea? If so, that’s surprisng news for me…
    As I read this article in Japanese, it doesn’t says it will contain “unseen footage”. It says that it contains “rare scene which you could not see often” of Eunjung’s first time clubbing, picture of childfood, and cooking. So I think there is no new scene that is not aired before in Korea.
    And usually we don’t have Eng subs in Japanese DVD of Korean TV shows… and it’s region code is 2… not so happy news for other country’s fans, maybe…(> <)
    Anyway, I'm sooooooooo happy to hear this news. I definitely will buy them!! Hope EJ and JW will visit Japan together to promote this DVD!!

    • As far as I know there is no even one WGM DVD in Korea, Adam fans still try to get their 1000 copies, and seems they have many problems, although their couple was one of the most popular.
      I know Ssangchu and Adam had their Japan DVDs, I guess there was no special footage as well? if Adam fans still want such DVD…

      But I think I’ll buy it anyways, it’s not that expensive comparing to other Japan DVDs I saw, and well this is the only one WooJung official product I could ever buy .. so ^^”

      and thank you for the info!

      • Krisjul says:

        Same here..i would like to buy it even if it cost that much..and also its my precious collection for my woojung couple as well..:))

      • woojungie says:

        Yey, my personal top 3 released in Japan. Didn’t know such a select few couples made it. Love Ssangchoo, love Adam, both my favorites…until Woojung came along, to become my personal no. 1. Woojung’s natural unself-concious closeness so captivated me. I wish they come up with an English subbed dvd.

  7. Kimlily says:

    I am so happy that I falls my tears again. I already asked the CEO of Yesasia about this DVD with region code #1 for people who is living in the United State, just waiting.This is also good opportunity for our Woojung Couple in the future.

    • Cee says:

      Where did you find the email? I’d like to do the same cause I’m from Canada and I’d love for them to release a region 1 DVD!!!!

      • kimlily says:

        Hi Cee,
        When you go to Yesasia.com, I think the email is near at the bottom of the page. But anyway, I am so happy to post Yesasia’s email here if all the comments who do want to order something so can go there and have fun. For me, I am so interested in looking things, that is why I always go finding myself. Here is the email( news@yesasia.com). I am so excited about our Woojung Couple.

        • Cee says:

          Thanks so much! I already sent off an email to ask about releasing the DVD in other regions so fans from around the world can all enjoy it! Hopefully they’ll consider it and we hear good news soon! Would be a great Xmas present to myself! 🙂

        • Cee (@xMiniCee) says:

          I actually did get a reply….they said that the manufacturer has not indicated that the DVD will be released in any other regions other than region 2 at this time. 😦 I’m trying to see if I can figure out who the manufacturer is so I can ask them about it but I’m not really sure where to start.

  8. eri says:

    I’m Japanese Woojung fan.
    Woojung is the third couple, which DVD has been released in Japan.
    (In Japan, DVD of Ssangchu and Adam has been released.
    Other couple DVD has not been released.)

    This DVD is 2box, it is expected to release on December 22 for both.
    Unfortunately, it is Region 2.
    My guess is, unpublished footage is not recorded.
    Ssangchu and Adam couple did not come to Japan in order to promote the DVD.
    However, Japanese woojung fans are hoping that they will come to Japan.
    For the moment, the details of this DVD are unknown.
    If I get to know the new news about this DVD, I will announce to you.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for the info!!

    • mtdrhj says:

      Thank You … waiting for more info from you …

    • lily26 says:

      Thank you @Eri for your info.. I hope Woojung will come to Japan and promote their DVD. from your info, I think not all of the WGM couples will release DVD, SSangchu from season 1, Adam from season 2, and Woojung from season 3, so maybe they will release DVD for one couple in each season only . wuah.. for this time Woojung got their lucky thing :), I mean Teukso was more popular than Woojung because of Suju fans is everywhere in the world…
      I hope our couple will become more popular in Japan, and they will get a chance to develop their activity/career there.. I know Eunjung and T-ara are popular in Japan, and it’s a chance for Jangwoo as well. Glory Jane’s DVD has been released too, right ? Daebak !!

  9. Krisjul says:

    Oh shhoot!!great news for woojungers!btw, is it also avail in eng sub ryt?(cross fingers)

  10. T says:

    *does a happy dance*

    so basically not many of the couples even had a dvd, yet WooJung has been given the privilege to be included in that small list of WGM couples that actually have a dvd :’)

    *does another happy dance*

  11. marie says:

    I will buy it for sure!!!!!!
    Btw if i want to buy, what paymant they use?

  12. jen says:

    Hehehe. Only the three most popular couples have it! They won’t release some of the other couples videos despite them being wildly popular (khuntoria, dimple) cuz they are mostly popular because their respective idol groups have large fan bases. But the fact that WGM chose to release Woojung goes to show how our couple produce quality videos and are popular because of their chemistry and friendship and that makes them so distinct and different from other couples. :DD

  13. Song says:

    Thats is heart warming news for all Woojung fans around the World.Thank you Japan for supporting Woojung couple.We love and cherish their WGM chemistry!

  14. Wow … finally get to see this couple again.
    please sub Eng, in wait

  15. cintawoojung says:

    why Eunjung so cute … I love them both…

  16. cintawoojung says:

    please vote for Eunjung here:

    Thank U cingu…

  17. there will be parts 3 & 4 of DVD released on February 2013, guys.. (info from baidu)
    save your money!! =.=

  18. carmenlpm says:

    No chinese sub?

  19. syeeka says:

    i’m so happy after reading about woojung dvd….but after i check my expenses…i don’t think i can afford to buy it this year…for t ara only…i already spending so much money on them from buying day by day album, mirage, the compilation with photobook & then their paris & swiss photobook..all this things i bought not bcoz i love t ara but bcoz i wanna support EJ after what happen to t ara …if this keep going on…i think next year i will declare myself bankrupt…i hope this dvd still available next year…plez guyz don’t buy it all..save 1 for me…

  20. I must eat water to instead of rice to save money to buy the DVD.

  21. myrkpopislove says:

    oh my god so expensiveXDXDXD

  22. lily26 says:

    Woojung DVD covers are so beautiful… I like them…. ❤

    • Mally says:

      What beautiful photos! Administrators thank you very much! I’m so homesick … I miss them!

      This shows that the chemical has overcome every obstacle Woojung, I am very happy about this, of Season 3 – WGM ahhhhaahhhh be chosen :)!! Besides the MBC and WGM progam is indebted to Woojung because they could never have your wedding memories in costume as it should be in the final chapter … it can calm even the sad end

      Although I feel bad, because I’m very, very far from all of you and my dear Woojung …. and can be purchased from South America (Peru): (

      If U-KISS and BIG BANG come to Peru this month (November), because I will not be able to have some Woojung buuuuuu; (

      I’ll stay in bankruptcy also comes jajajajjaja because Christmas and New Year! But it would be a dream to have a DVD of them!

      This feeds my hope that someday will gather together to make a drama (Lee Jang Woo and Ham Eunjung) I hope that in 2013! Please God you listen to everything you can!
      By now we know that Jangwoo starts a new drama, but I can not wait to see Eunjung be starring in a new drama, for 2013 there is a project with it included, make it happen!

      Thanks to them I can believe that married life is bearable and cute jijijijiji, feel the warmth of home and family including two!!

  23. DaniKay says:

    I’ve watched a lot of WGM after the splitting of the first couple I ever watched JungWoo and none of them gave me the feelings that I felt for this couple. They were more natural and genuine and loving than any of the others. No offense to the other couple but JungWoo couple will always be my favorite ❤

    • Kimlily says:

      I do have more impression, more natural when I watch Woojung. Wishing more good news from our lovely Woojung. Molkang!!

  24. crazyforyou says:

    Woojung DVD .. ❤ I hope i can buy.. but… ;(

  25. Jvill says:

    I hope there is an English subtitle for this DVDs….I want to rewatch all the episodes again….

  26. Sheng says:

    At any moment of my life, I wish both LJW and EJ have embarked on a lifelong journey as they wanted, although I will never know who they really are in reality, which, bty, has never bothered me. Coz I will always remember they were the couple who loved and supported each other in an entertainment show for 500 days. If they were truly in love, I am actually glad to see Jangwoo moved on, so as Eunjung,

  27. Lovkook says:

    I still believe in their relationship what we saw them during 500 days is not same as other couple. JW EJ and their parents made me believe that they feel good to be together.
    Let’s hope that they will be right person for each other..and wish them all the best to be far from any scandal.

  28. How i can buy it? Though i dont know japanese language, i still buy to support woojung. We arent only fan of their love, but we are fan of all jangwoo and eunjung also. Thesedays i havent read news about kpop much. I just enjoy watching film and listening to nice song. That finish.

  29. bethf07 says:

    Is there a reason why you guys aren’t updating the forum.

  30. God i miss this couple 😦

  31. Bernardo says:

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