[INTERVIEW] Lee Jang Woo’s ‘Career + Interest + Love + Family’

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Kor-Chi Trans: Shapley水の滢 @ WooJung Baidu (@Chingkhunnie)
Chi-Eng Trans: @catgoh92

Don’t forget to thank these gorgeous translators! ^^

catgoh92’s remarks are in GREY

Do not forget that it’s Kor-Chi-Eng translation, there might be some inaccuracy, or little mistranslations, or change of wording. Sorry in advance 😛 We tried our best.

From a cute youngster, Lee Jang Woo who received love through his character Park Tae Kang in MBC’s drama <I Do I Do>,  turned into a valiant hot-blooded young man actor. Soon he will be acting  in the new MBC daily drama as the 1st male lead, Oh Ja Ryong. Lee Jang Woo as Oh Ja Ryong, just like his name, is a healthy, hot-blooded young man and a kind 2nd son-in-law that brings harmony to the family. This is also the first time when Jangwoo participates in the drama that uses his male lead’s name as the title of the drama. 

Jangwoo smiled and said, “When I acted in <Smile, Donghae> before , I was very jealous of Donghae, I thought ‘In my whole life how many times can I act in a drama that uses the name of my character as its title?’. Even though it’s not a mini-series, I won’t feel regrets for having to return to a daily drama.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a daily drama or a mini-series. During filming I’ve already knew this. I really learned a lot from <Smile, Dong Hae>. Now, everything I do is the things I learned before. I can even act more natural during filming and also learn how to control attitude due to the long hours of filming. The professionals and directors, I’m working together with, are good, everyone is happy. Even with the female lead, Oh Yeon Seo, we get to know each other pretty fast too.”


It was the police officer, Baek Ma Tan, from the KBS2 daily drama <Three Brothers> (2009-2010) and the son of a chaebol family, Kim Dojin, from KBS1’s popular daily drama <Smile, Dong Hae> that made the viewers remember him. In fact Lee Jang Woo has ventured into acting career since he was in high school participating in various cameo supporting roles where he was self learning before becoming an actor. Not forgetting that his popular cousin, HwanHee, that debuted in ‘Fly To The Sky’ as a singer inspires him the most.

“When I was in 6th grade, my cousin debuted as a singer. I was very envious of him but I couldn’t win him by being a singer. Then I tried acting only to find the fun of acting. This is why I have chosen acting as my career.

I used to attend acting school what embarked my career of supporting characters. My retired from army father used to say, ‘Go and do the things you like.’ He respects my decision. Holding my mother’s hand I went to the acting school to register. There were so many other experienced child actors.” Even though the life of cameo appearance actor is tough, he still feels that acting is very good. After studying in Dongguk University with major in Acting, he gains his experience through plays and musicals.

MBC’s family drama <Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun> (2009) where he acts as a singer and also has a proper name (he was always a nameless cameo before) is the first drama where he becomes an official character. He then joins Noh Min Woo and Kim Hyun Woo who also acted as singers, to officially debut as trio group – 24/7. When the reporter asked him whether is this a part of the memories you want to be erased? He said, “It actually made me feel proud.”

“The three of us had a lot of good time together too. We went on diet together, sang at the Gangnam Station, and also fought among ourselves. Not long ago, I have returned as a solo singer (‘Words I Couldn’t Bear to Say’) and felt that singer’s path is really not just for anyone. (laughs) I have thoughts of making my own music, putting my own feelings into the song then it would produce another kind of charm.”


Variety show <We Got Married> that ended a few months ago gave Lee Jang Woo a chance to show the viewers a different side of him. Together with T-ara’s group member Ham Eun Jung as a virtual couple, Lee Jangwoo’s ‘upper hand man’ character caught  viewers’ interest. Full of manliness to lead EunJung, driving his own car, and enjoying camping, it was very different from his previous bad image in <Smile, Dong Hae> and <Man In Honor> and discovered a new side of him that gave a him a chance to act in the upcoming daily drama .

“A rich man’s son, arrogant and self centered person is by now the furthest away/most different from my original personality. However to act as a healthy, optimistic character is not easy too. I have to control my weight and act as very cool, it is not something easy to accomplish but the burden is being lessened by a little. Instead, acting as a comedic person I have to keep on laughing and can’t have a good sleep, energy will get lessened a lot so I have to constantly be re-energised. This time this Oh Ja Ryong character is really no joke. He is a valiant young lad.”

He didn’t hide his wish, “I really wish that this time the drama will succeed.” Giving his thoughts on his previous work <I Do I Do>, “My acting partner is famous Kim Sun Ah. The script looks good too, and I think to myself, ‘Ah, this time will succeed.’ However, the drama ratings were worse than I expected. I felt very dejected. Then Kim Sun Ah sunbaenim told me, ‘How can a young man be controlled by his own desire? Will you succeed at the first try?’ Then I decided to find back my initial resolution. Even though ratings are important, they’re not everything.”

“After the filming ended, I had been resting for three months. I am the type of person that will want to go back filming again just after resting for three days. If the next time I have my vacation, I want to tour around Russia and Europe with motorbike but it’s not easy to accomplish. So during resting time, I drove my own car and started my journey from Incheon then went to Busan and TongYeong visiting interesting places and meeting up with friends I haven’t seen for a very long time. I really had a good rest. (laughs)

During my vacation I also encountered lots of interesting things. For example, during the summer I went camping and fishing on the beach. Suddenly a typhoon came and blew all of camping stuff here and there. I ended up having to pick all of them up and put them back into the car. Because I rested well, I have gained 10kg. When I returned to filming, I lost weight again.” Lee Jang Woo is a man who loves travelling and camping. He says that he wish to go travelling around the world with his future wife.


Lee Jang Woo mentioned that Jung Woo Sung is his role model. Jangwoo has watched his movie <Beat> for about 1000 times already. He claims that he is number one fan. There was one day they coincidentally met in a gym. Jangwoo ran away after meeting eyes with him. The reason is ‘He is too handsome.’ Jangwoo also wished that one day he can become a charismatic actor just like him.

He feels that he didn’t choose the wrong career. “Other career won’t hurt your self esteem but acting will. Because when you work hard, you will want to hear compliments ‘You did well’, and only actors are able to receive this. Now it’s only the starting. I have 6 more months to go (I’m guessing is the duration of the filming of new drama.) With burning desire, I always wanted to display a different side of me to the viewers.”

During these 3 months of rest, Lee Jang Woo has become a solo singer with his debut single <Words I Couldn’t Bear to Say> which he performed in the music program he emcees, KBS ‘Music Bank’, and also ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’. It’s really different when you are standing on the stage. It’s really a big deal being a singer because you can sing for the audience. “The live broadcasting of music program is not as easy as you think but  other singers can still do so well on the stage. As expected being a singer is really cool.”

Recently, Lee Jang Woo has joined in other korean idols who are addicted to the smartphone game Anipang (Kakao Talk Game) <– (Hyomin plays this too =P) He always competes with his friends to see who got a higher score. He said that the highest point he could get is 190000 points which is considered a middle low score. Among his Kakao online friends, Park Jung Ah (ex-Jewelry member) who acted as his wife in <Smile, Dong Hae> got the highest score. (Seriously this game is really addicting =D)

“Jung-ah noona is one of the friends who achieved high points. Because it’s too high, I used to not believe her. Then when I met her in a waiting room she tried playing it in front of me. Then I started to believe that it’s possible to achieve the marks she have gotten.” (laughs)


Lee Jang Woo showed a different side of him than the character he portrayed in dramas due to the pairing with Ham Eun Jung as a virtual couple which gained interest of the viewers. He said, “Being able to date publicly, I feel that WGM’s virtual marriage has its own attraction.” He then confides, “It’s not a feeling of dating but a feeling of being married. It felt good even though there are times when I felt bored, but it made me feel wanting to get married faster

Besides, marriage seems to have made my life more secure. Even though it’s a virtual marriage, for example staying at home and having a simple chat together, feels like after being married I can go to work with ease. And after being married I can also personally understand some of the things that man can’t (e.g women). Our country seems to feel burdened by the fact that actors are being married. Because I am still young, I have thoughts like, ‘Why don’t I be the first to do it (get married)?” (I don’t think Jangwoo is considered the youngest to get married. Look at Han Ga In, she too got married early. If he wants to say korean idol marry at a young age, EunJung will definitely be the first XD)

This year August, they ended they virtual marriage. He said, “WGM brings a lot of beautiful memories into my life. And thanks to WGM, I have gained a lot of overseas fans (He is mentioning us XP) and felt amazed. My mother and EunJung’s mum too have known each other through this program. Until now they are still in contact. To the two mothers, it’s a precious memory too.” <– (Preparing to become in-laws? =P) 

“Besides wanting to get married faster, I also can’t wait to have children. I hope when I got home from work, there is someone (family) waiting for me. And also I don’t want my wife to work outside. Instead she will focus more on her cooking and prepares a variety of delicious meal for me,” Jangwoo said while laughing.


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78 Responses to [INTERVIEW] Lee Jang Woo’s ‘Career + Interest + Love + Family’

  1. I don’t care if you like or not what Jangwoo has said, but every single comment has to start from “Thank you, Chingkhunnie and Catgoh” !! 😛

    … ok, kidding, but really, please, dont forget to thank these amazing girls who still have desire to translate such huge texts for us having busy work and school life!!

  2. support woojung says:


  3. myrkpopislove says:

    jangwoo oppa~why dont you just marry eunjung unnie for real?that would really be great..she’d be a good wife and mother to your future kids..XD dont worry through your help she’ll be able to learn how to cook sumptuous meals^^

  4. Kimlily says:

    I really like Lee Jangwoo’s interview because of his own honest words through the almost last sentence that JW still do mention about the two mothers-in-law. My ideas JW do emphasizes his future wife and his own family who will waiting for him and give him big hug after his working. I wish Woojung’s fans will have good news about Woojung very soon.

  5. vvipkho says:

    wow!! thank you chingkhunnie and catgoh..

  6. myrkpopislove says:

    THANK YOU @Chingkhunnie and @Catgoh GREAT JOB^^

  7. Sunshiny says:

    Thank you so much………….

  8. Kimlily says:

    Ah, I do almost forgot that if JW and EJ do stand together at their career, it is really perfect. In the WGM (Eposide 26), they were good working together in short film. BE SO PERFECT!!!!!
    If they have chance to work and go home together like that, they will take care each other especially EJ will a good services beside JW.

  9. thanks chingkhunnie n catgoh! it’s really precious. i already snipped it hahaha
    just want to share again -> pic.twitter.com/paxWsheu

  10. To Chingkhunnie & Catgoh thank you a lot for the trans 🙂
    I’m happy to know their mothers are still keep in touch with each other..I’m confident till now Eunjung & Jangwoo also do the same thing hehe.

  11. Lovkook says:

    Thanks so much Chingkhunnie and catgoh92 for your hard work but you made me so happy today.
    Even I feel that he never directly mention EJ but talked about how beautiful memory he had in WGM, how close their mothers still…it also made me happy.
    He should be very happy when being with EJ that why he wants to marry and start up family soon.
    But to keep wife at home, can EJ do this?
    Anyway, this interview still made my hope about woojung.

    • mtdrhj says:

      I think he want his wife just at home because what happened to T-ara, and EJ is the most suffered .. so it’s obvious that he want to protect his wife …
      I don’t know if EJ wants to do it .. but who knows …

  12. eita says:

    thanks for the hard work on translate this articles but for me it’s so obvious that’s he and eunjung just a friend at the end of the show,so sad:) my pov

  13. krisjul says:

    Your really DAEBAK, jangoonim…:)) i thibk eunjung would feel fluttered of what you said..:))

  14. dzealousie says:

    Thank you very much to our translators, Chingkhunnie and Catgoh as well as Thank You to our admins for hosting this AWESOME site.
    He said so casually yet somehow it meant so much to us!!!
    Thank you to JangWoo for mentioning us, the overseas fan
    On the other side, points to note, if Eun Jung is to get married that earlier, that means Eun Jung can stay at home, raising up wonderful lovely children and also she’ll have a lot of honeymoon and overseas trip…since he really wishes to go travel with his wife.And you know what’s the plus side of it, they both can always do a duet together and I can’t imagine the awesomeness of the albums to be released since they both owns a really strong vocal.
    I’m gonna pray hard and hope hard that this will come true.


  15. Cee says:

    @Chingkhunnie and @catgoh92
    Thank you so so much for all your hard work so we can also enjoy reading the interview.
    As usual, I love how JW is very open and honest about his life and career. Of course, my favorite parts are when he talked about WGM. It’s nice to see that the mother in laws still keep in contact. I think WJ couple was very blessed to have has the opportunity to have their moms spend time together and go on a trip….way more than what other couples had on the show. I just hope this means JW and EJ also keep in contact and support each other. It would be awesome if they could work together on a project again someday! 🙂

  16. azueha says:

    Thank you, @Chingkhunnie and @Catgoh92~~Really appreciated it!!<3

  17. Joyce says:

    Thank you so much for the translation, a big thanks to 2 lovely translators we had there ^_^. Aww WGM gave JS so many great memories with Eunjung and their mothers are still in contacted with each other, that’s great to hear :). Hope JW and EJ are also still in contact with each other hehehe. Reading this interview make me miss Woojung again and all their beautiful memories that they had <3.
    Still love Woojung and wish them all the best ^_^

  18. eunjungmolkang says:

    i hope they are still friends.

    It seems jangwoo prefers a non celebrity partner.

    • fafa says:

      yup! he should marry a chef

      • crazyforyou says:

        right !! so he can eat whatever he want to eat.. LOL
        BTW, thank you very much for @Chingkhunnie and @Catgoh92 for your nice translations and for our beautiful admin, Yuoi ss, i for keep update our blog.. ❤
        you are guys so wonderful.. really… 감사합니다 *bow

    • woojungie says:

      Oh well, but it will always be hard on the non-celeb as the industry can be grueling. I think that whoever the lucky girl is, it will be good to have something other than child and husband to attend to, even part time, or she will go mad with the hectic sched of busy and sometimes absent hubby.
      Easy to see I am obviously partial to EJ 🙂

  19. bayc says:

    Not forgetting that his popular cousin, HwanHee, that debuted in ‘Fly To The Moon’ as a singer inspires him the most.

    it should be Fly To The Sky … 🙂

  20. mtdrhj says:

    Thank You so much .. Chingkhunnie and Catgoh for your hardwork ….
    Hope JW’s wishes will be granted, and it will awesome if it’s EJ …
    thanks Yuoi ..

  21. T says:

    Thanks so much for the translation!
    I’m glad our Jangoonim was able to open up through this interview.
    Honestly, everything he says just makes me feel hopeful.
    Having EJ being mentioned quite a few times (although possibly inevitable) felt good, and I can definitely see that EJ and Jangoonim are very close.

    Whenever he emphasizes on a woman’s cooking, I always feel like he’s trying to hint something in.. to EJ especially LOOOOL

  22. krisjul says:

    Janggoonim ur really DAEbAK!!! eunjung must be flattered although shes not an expert in cooking but she really tried her best to cook for you!!:) i had a goodnight sleep when i read this article!thank you guys for the hardwork.fightong!

  23. flora says:

    Thank you C & C & C…..Chingkhunnie, Catgoh and also all our CCrs for giving credit to the 2 lovely ladies….without all of you, this site may not be as lively as before the WGM ended..

    Still happy to be here to voice our opinions, our joy and our sharing of the memories of Woojung couples…

    Hoping for more good, interesting news with translations by C & C and also thank you to our Ms Yuoi and Adm for making this site possible…Saranghae everyone!

  24. dwiv1 says:

    Thank you so much Catgoh and Chingkhunnie for the translation.. Thank you Yuoi for this wonderful site… Really happy to know that for JW and EJ, WGM was a happy memory… Please continue this relationship in real life 🙂

  25. Awe says:

    Always enjoy reading your translations, thanks you Chingkunnie and Catgoh for your hard work. Thanks Yuoi for this amazing website and always updating us with news.
    Its great that WGM brought beautiful memories to JW and made him want to get married soon(hopefully with EJ). Marriage and dating are totally different
    I hope they are still in contact with each other. Best of luck for JW and EJ.

  26. Chien Su says:

    thank you so much for translation!!! ^-^
    jang woo said”And also I don’t want my wife to work outside. Instead she will focus more on her cooking and prepares a variety of delicious meal for me”!!!…. no jangwoo ah eunjung is very busy with t-ara.. if you have more free time, you could be stay at home and cook delicious meal for her!!!! it is better …you also cook better than her…

  27. Thank you so much Chingkhunnie and catgoh92 for the translation and Thank you Yuoi for this wonderful website…

    Today, I happy so much with reading this article.

  28. shoshlev says:

    deleted / yuoi

    • Lyn says:

      Please leave the fansite if you’re here to create fake rumours. Either u r narrow-minded or immature, the final decision is the management and not the girls. So please get yr facts right. N if u say EJ is selfish, all of us are selfish in real life including yourself.. grow up! thank you

      • Lyn says:

        Let me just add on 1 more thing.. Do take note tht HY is sad & she tweeted it whn EJ wasnt in Five Fingers. So shows that EJ wasnt the one HY hated. Thanks! ahh… hate it whn ppl comment something not nice relating to EJ in this site.. =.=”

    • crazyforyou says:

      if you never followed Eunjung, PLEASE don’t talk and never talked bad about her.. DON’T make your beautiful mouth and hand are dirty because of your own words….
      i’m so pissed off to someone who believe rumors about someone who never she knew before… *sigh..
      back off !!!

    • ha says:

      ej always tara t ara, she received awards, she said please support t ara, she always advertising for others.She mind always support jangwoo even he has any case, she does not envy anyone in t ara, I remember she also has one twitter on hwa “I’m very talented,” I think selfish hereis hwa, I always want ej solo, I have never seen one person with one burning dream about actors think t ara more than herself, who said she was selfish, so that’s the mainis selfish or does not know how to call that selfish, in my t ara Eunjung and Soyeon who sacrificed for t ara and always think t ara,

  29. shoshlev says:


    p.s. sunwook has WAAAAY more chances than wooksona (wtf is this name lol?), I bet you’re the only one person who ships this

    / yuoi

    • crazyforyou says:

      don’t come here if you don’t like woojung.. don’t waste your time to come to this blog if you hate woojung.. you are so funny.. *sigh…

    • Catherine says:

      Just move on little kid. GROW UP Please seriously =.=

    • mtdrhj says:

      wooksona??? what is this?

      • fafa says:

        @shoshlev ; do you like hurting people? dont you even think that your opinion might be wrong someday? what will you do then? do you know what the difference between woojung and wooksona? reality and drama?partly scripted and fully scripted? we are all delutional here. why should we make argument about something we never know the truth. you judge someone that you know nothing about her. you know that most eunjung fan hate jangwoo because of his wolf/immature behaviour. dont you think that eunjung sacrifice a lot to come to understanding to his playful way of life. let me ask you how old will kim sun ah when jangwoo 35 years old? can you imagine kim sun ah face in her almost fifty?how it will be? wooksona??

      • lily26 says:

        wooksona ?? I think it’s kind of food.. LOL….

    • mtdrhj says:

      He3x ….
      Oooh … this one is someone that worshiping the I Do I Do couple, that ‘s why i think i ‘d seen similar comment back then … hmm .. i think he/she should used proper words in backing her couple than bad mouthing the other one …
      btw …. keep Fighting CC-ers … keep supporting our couple …
      and of course you Yuoi keep your spirit up …. and thank you so much for this wonderful site …

  30. mayette says:

    why are you here this is woojung in love site …pls. stop commenting like that its hurts ….plsssssss,

  31. Sunshiny says:

    We love Woojung .If you not. Stop and go away

  32. woojungie says:

    So daebak. My OMG moment was that the 2 moms are still in touch 🙂

    EJ will likely continue acting, but like other married actresses, marriage and kids will always take priority.

  33. Erycha Sue says:

    Thanks for translating this. Compared to the previous couples…I am glad that Jangwoo confirmed that his mom and EJ’s mom are still in contact…Daebakk!!!!! Looking at the way thet teased each other and they way they looked at their children were so sweet…. All the best WooJung couple!!! Wish both of you be together sooon…. (^_^) hugs…hugs..

  34. JangWoo interview @_@
    always gives a headache
    it’s crypted, it’s not crypted, twisted
    ah well…..

  35. Joyce says:

    Why are hater come in here and talked bad about EJ & JW? This blog doesn’t concert hater like you. Go get a life and grow up please!!! Haters these days really have nothing to do, have no life, no brain, etc. *sign*.
    I am a fan of Kim Suna also, but I never do thing like this to other artists & their fans, it’s such a shame that Suna has some fans like this, make the favorite artist look bad in other people’s eyes.

  36. padae says:

    thank 4 trans love woojung so much

  37. myria says:

    eventhough i didn’t get to read the comments…..but still want to say this to her/him.
    shuh shuh shuh…..this is not yr playground pls find other place to mess up. this is our spot…our paradise… don’t try to mess with the peaceful and harmony among us.
    btw many thanks to our translator catgoh and chingkhunnie and our admin yuoi for all the hardwork. luv u all

  38. riyel says:

    thanks a lot (@Chingkhunnie @catgoh
    What I really like about this interview is the consistency of Jangwoo’s view with regards to marriage, being a daddy, and his ideal girl. Call me delusional once again, but whenever he talks about a girl, he also talks about cooking and for me GIRL+COOKING= EUNJUNG LMAO. for me Cooking is always associated with her since during WGM, how many times did Jangwoo talk about Eunjung does not knows how to cook, or Eunjng improves in her cooking skill etc hahahahaha.
    I always love his views with marriage, and with this interview, It felt like he really likes to propose to a GIRL and want to build a family ;P

  39. Song says:

    God will bless Woojung couple;those haters will go to hell.Its written according to the Word of God.

  40. MaLLy says:

    I loved this interview, mmmmm but Eunjung will quit his job to devote himself to the kitchen? maybe yes, maybe not … nobody knows what future awaits us, but it shows that when asked about WGM Jangwoo can not disguise the fondness (Eunjung) and know that mothers in law are in contact, have mutual friends from college … not if the destination 🙂

    On the other hand if someone does not like Woojung, then to leave and leave us alone!
    There will always be malicious and envious people but that is not social networking world jajajajaja 😛

  41. shirley_ley says:

    Thank u for sharing this awesome interview 🙂

    Thank u to Chingkhunnie & catgoh92, thank very much for ur kindness… 🙂
    May God bless our WooJung couple, their family & everyone here.

  42. jennifer says:

    woojung haters back off we ove woojung couple very much hope to see them again with a bright and a happy face

  43. May Angelyn says:

    as far as i know, Eunjung also do not want to be married at her age right now ..
    but as i read, Jangwoo also sad the same thing ..

    i smell something fishy 🙂

  44. mojoJoy says:

    Ahahaha.. We should really name our group as HOPELESS ROMANTICs! ehehehe ❤

  45. rems says:

    its only now that i’ve read this article .. me too i;m amazed with the woojung couple :)) thanks a lot

  46. jang woo lover says:

    I loveeee youuu jang wooo.. since i watch i do ido… loovee it…

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