[121113-16] T-ara Updates


T-ara promotes K-POP festival in Vietnam

cr: Hương Ngân Nguyễn

T-ara’s Jiyeon talks about Eunjung’s bad sleeping habits (korea.com)


T-ara at Niko Show in Japan  – FULL

cr: tarakeepout


After showcase in Malaysia

– Hyomin n Eunjung were playing anipang together at waiting room ^^ (cr: YOYOBURI)




T-ara at Niko Show in Japan

cr: tarakeepout

Nov 11th: T-ara Showcae in Oita

cr: wah wah

Photobucket Photobucket

cr: @daisukemr, tumblr


T-ara’s sleepiness on the plane attracts attention (tiaradiadem)



UPD. T-ara ‘Sexy Love’ MV Making

cr: tarakeepout

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19 Responses to [121113-16] T-ara Updates

  1. where is Eunjung in the group picture?? I don’t see her..

  2. taraeunjung0409 says:

    I expecte more Eunjung in the video but I don’t see her as much as I expected… T_T

  3. reina says:

    is she wearing the jacket JangWoo gave?

  4. flora says:

    Eunjunggi….Jangwoo’s sleeping beauty…lolo

    We need Prince Jangwoo to give her a pepero kiss to energize her…;D

  5. Vvipkho says:

    Eunjung sleeping so cute , even they manager also so cute put cartoon iron ..

  6. crazyforyou says:

    HA… Sleeping Head.. or … Princess of Sleep ?? XDDD
    she’s so cute when sleeping… ❤ do you guys remember ? when they went to honeymoon, Jangwoo said Eunjung was sleeping on his shoulder so Jangwoo can't move at all and cannot change his seat position.. LOL.. beautiful memories… XDD

  7. Song says:

    T-ara are sleeping beauties;they worked very hard to do their bests.Queens love their team spirits.

  8. sara says:

    Hi…..T-ara Showcae in Oita removed!!!! please give us another link!!!

  9. mayette says:

    T-ara at niko show in japan, eunjung was selected as a member worst sleeping habit, hyomin said when shes,s opening her mouth wide, we close it like this. the members said her husband will be able to see how eunjung sleep.( hehhe. jangwoo already saw it during honeymoon.)

  10. taraeunjung0409 says:

    haha eunjung also plays Anipang!!! hehe I knew Eunjung loved games:) I hope people can understand that the members are really close to each other!! 🙂 Hwaiting!!!

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