[121120-23] T-ara Updates


Oct 19th: T-ara at joint consert with Supernova:

cr: taraticmagic


Nov 16th: in Japan

cr: kinchannel69


Nov 16th: in Japan

cr: kinchannel69


T-ara at Nico Show – ENG SUB

cr: 573w4rd

Nov 17th: T-ara ‘Sexy Love’ Release Event in Nagoya

cr: mizurei1615

Nov3rd: T-ara at Mr.Pizza Donation Event

cr: ming5367

Nov 11th: Boram fancam – Eunjung appears few times ^^

cr: ram chonbo

Nov 11th: T-ara ‘Sexy Love’ Release Event at Zepp Fukuoka

cr: boojiyoung2

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

cr: tumblr

For SKY! Magazine

Photobucket Photobucket

cr: tiaradiadem

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1 Response to [121120-23] T-ara Updates

  1. flora says:

    I thought Eunjung has put on weight…however with Hwayoung in the 2nd last pic, ahhhh….these are old pictures of Tara…..wondering what Hwayoung is presently doing?

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