Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon Seo are dating. EDIT. Or NOT?

130104 UPDOh Yeon Seo’s camp denies she’s dating Lee Jang Woo on ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’ (allkpop)

I don’t have much to say right now, guys, but it will certainly affect the blog.

Yeonseo’s agency pretty much confirmed the news. Let’s see what Made-M have to say to us.

I’m asking you not to be angry or sad. It’s just life how it is.

EunJung and Jangwoo gave us unforgettable memories which we will cherish forever. But life goes on. Let’s just hope that they remained friends and both of them are happy in their respective lifes =)

Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo are dating in real life! (allkpop)

Oh Yeon Seo’s agency says it’s too early to call the actress and Lee Jang Woo a couple (allkpop)

Made-M remains silent…

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297 Responses to Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon Seo are dating. EDIT. Or NOT?

  1. Song says:

    OYS’s agency or OYS herself is trying to save themselves when they realised the WGM ratings benefit her more individually.WGM is very inconsistant throughout their show dealings;previous artistes were given no chances to overcome these.Maybe OYS agency sponsored some monetary gains to WGM PD.We as overseas fans;no longer has much interests compared to watching previous WGM for those last 3 season shows.Certain Korean TV shows regarding sincere values on principles can be washed out by OYS’s agency business support.Monetary powers or status can gain some control over media and TV companies but not the World attentions.Overseas fan bases are very concern on how the Korean clean up scandals in a just and fair manners.We still read a lots of scandal related suicides happening.We pray that the Governments or concern Ministry put in some efforts to regulate and intervene in major media outbreak.Very sad to learn our popular artistes went through suicidal thoughts during their celebrity lives.Finally we hope Lee Jang Woo can be smarter this time around and hopes he can find goodness and joy in the Japanese media market.

  2. ssvvttssvvttaa says:

    Dear,Yuoi and another lovely admin I never thought that This happen so fast.It hurt a lot of ccer heart who love them.It like habits to take alook for this blog everyday.2week already past you still quite,Yuoi pleas don’t leave us like this
    Love woojungislove love all ccer around the world
    Don’t say good bye

    • maeri04 says:

      Its really sad, I havent seen any post here! I was a fan of WGM with Oh Yoon seo honestly I dont watch it anymore, I think Is more fake (even if it is) I Find them akward poorl lee joon I just dont like them anymore….And for my handsome Jang woo I just dont feel like it!! cause on my heart I used too dream about him and Eun Jung but…. I dont no if you understand… maybe this happens to a lot of ccers

      • Lovkook says:

        I cannot watch OJRIC and I don’t watch WGM but I still hv hope on WooJung. EJ never hurt him but they gain together for T-ara activity and MV.
        I upset with JW earlier but at the end, I’m so sorry to what he gained now..seems like only him get affect now while SHE get back everything.
        I wish the drama will end soon.

      • Awe says:

        I understand and know how you feel Maeri04. Woojung was the first and last WGM show I saw, but last week I was curious to watch WGM lee joon-yeon seo(first time meeting after the scandal), and I feel so sorry and sad for lee joon, you could see clearly how hurt he is and how he tried to hide his disapointment and anger. And for lee jang woo, I don’t hate him, but as fan (and still is) it’s just sad he could be involved in something like this, especially during the mbc award, which made lee joon look like a fool and ljw like a bad guy. But despite all these, my feeling for woojungislove and yuoi is the same, will always love this blog & yuoi.

    • You all dont read any News after the rumor had happen? It was only rumor. Why do you all need to trust it?

  3. When i saw their photos+videos together, I was really in shock.. all my hopes for WooJung couple shuttered. Well WGM is really just a show and nothing more.. it was wrong of me to believe that the couples on the show can be real couple. Anyway.. they’re adults tjey know what they’re doing, I still like JangWoo and EunJung regardless if their not a couple.

    • crazyforyou says:

      I only saw a girl who drunk and can’t walk with the balance, first Jangwoo did not even care, I thinks he just helped her.. for me there’s nothing special on that video.. it’s just disgusting publicity…

  4. woojungie says:

    Yuoi, Missing woojungislove news and miss you and the admins. Please don’t be disheartened.
    Dating or not, we don’t know. Despite the mess, call me crazy but am still a CCer.

  5. woojungie says:

    For all it’s worth, OYS and Lee Joon had a conversation about the scandal, on wgm. Don’t wanna be too analytic about it, will take it at face value, whayever it means.

  6. shirley_lee says:

    Hi everyone… Hope everyone are fine. I’ve visit this website but still no update news bout WooJung. Hope to hear from u soon admin.

    by the way i wanna take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year, it is a big celebration season for chinese people & also Korean, wish everyone are healthy, happy, wealth & have a blessed and prosperous year.

  7. Oh says:

    I’m still waiting and hope for new update too. Happy Chinese New Year.

  8. Kimlily says:

    Thank you so much for all commons’s sweetie messages to Asian people. I wish this year and the next…year to our lovely Woojung good healthy, many luckies….as well as myself.

  9. jen says:

    Hey, I just wanna say that I am very much an active reader despite not commenting alot on this blog. I rly love Woojung, and despite the fact tht WGM is over and EJ & JW might not have any future tgt, I just wanna say tht I enjoyed every single moment & episode of theirs. Discussing it all with fellow Woojung shippers made it all the more fun & this community is a great one indeed. Whatever JW chooses to do is his own, but that doesnt change how he acted and the great laughs he gave us. He is still General Lee to me and even if there’s no love between them, there can be friendship (Woojung) between them! 🙂

    The admins have done a great job and I hope all of you will continue with the great posts and update about our favourite people. I can never find updates as detailed as yours with your little comments that really bring alive what they do. The encouraging comments in the comment section is also especially heatwarming, esp when you see that there’re tons of people who still support T-Ara & Eunjung & Jang Woo when the rest of the world is bashing them. The community here and the friends here and the like-minded people who think as I do is what made this site such a great one.

    I came here agn aft reading abt EJ’s appointment as an MC on Show Champion & that made me think of the encouraging comments that can be found here. And an inner fangirl here rears her head and whispers to me that JW is an MC too! Woojung ftw! What kind of conversations can they have? Much like those that they had when discussing their acting roles? Hehe. Wishful thinking, but still fun. 🙂

    I hope that the rest of the ppl on this site had a great New Year and may you all support Woojung individually. Do continue with the site if you have the time, admins! :’)

    -jen (Woojung fan)

    • crazyforyou says:

      well done saying, jen ❤

    • Lovkook says:

      Reading Jen comment is so touching. That’s why I could not stop open this blog everyday to see any update and comments.
      I really believe in their strong relationship, confirmed agin by JW himself that they just apart by MBC but they still keep in touch, even their moms too.
      EJ may learn a lot from JW for MCing as he done for more than a year…and surely they support each other when experience the bad situation. They have a lot in common and fortune, so I really wish they have the same destination.
      WooJung fighting , Yuoi fighting and CCers fighting

  10. Ahaa, its fastidious discussion on the topic
    of this piece of writing at this place at this weblog, I have
    read all that, so at this time me also commenting here.

  11. LISSY says:


  12. May Angelyn says:

    this news broke my heart ..

    i really want WooJung to be a real couple ..

    oh well, life goes on.
    if Jang Woo is meant for EunJung, then God will find a way for them to end up happily ..
    but still, they need our support, not as a couple, but individually 🙂

  13. Purplechic says:

    I saw LJW saying in the interview in Viiki news that he and oys now can read each other mind. Huh ! Whatever! bla bla …. the truth appears now… I am not even their fans in the first place… n now I will stay that way.

  14. uikkhhh says:

    20130514 Oh Yeon Seo’s reps say it’s true the actress and Lee Jang Woo once had fond feelings

    • fafa says:

      sigh! getting sick of akp. dont know to believe since most dating scandal tend to be true eventhough was denied at beginning. but in this case ( the way oys nd jw rep clear up rumor when their drama almost end) its obviously a media play

  15. urpyi says:

    With the last news please tell me that there is a chance that this blog comeback. I used to read your blog almost since the beginning and i really miss you.

  16. maeri04 says:

    Its been a while since I visited tthis page… and it seems that there are not any news from Jang Woo Oppa!! It was his birthday on the 1…so I was wondering is there something new about him!! miss him so much!!! Somebody Know what he is been doing lately!!????

  17. htet htet says:

    miss miss woojung, eunjung unnie jangwoo oppa..why no update???

  18. lailai says:

    i miss you

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