WoojungIsLove’s Rice Garland at Lee Jang Woo’s “Pretty Man” Press Conference


The rice garland with the name of our blog was standing right there – at ‘Pretty Man’ press-conference today, November 18. And all thanks to the kindest, most amazing and simply best WooJung and Jangwoo’s fans from China who made this possible T___T

Thank you, dear friends!! (And thank you, Ching, so so so much! :***)

‘mystical overseas fans are coming! Lee Jangwoo molkang molkang fighting!’ rice garland from @woojungislove :

 photo BZU7ILPCIAAKfSw_zpsb10eba0f.jpg

cr: @Chingkhunnie, Made-M

 photo 20131118_1384755650_33805900_11_zpsd069c81e.jpg

The garlands from Lee Jang Woo and WooJung Baidu bars:

 photo BZU1SDICMAE069g_zpsdd090981.jpg  photo BZU14hnCYAA8YGQ_zps3a948664.jpg


The sweetest message to Chinese fans from Jangwoo!!!


cr: @Chingkhunnie, Made-M



 photo 589803853_zps89662db9.jpg  photo 589789302_zpsbd7ca956.jpg  photo 1118407174705_0_zps86229831.jpg  photo 2013111818501596_1_rstarppl_zpse4c01779.jpg

cr: 1004KBS

‘Pretty Man’ premiers this Wednesday on KBS! Get ready! ^^

More about the drama:

Posters for Pretty Man’s pretty cast
First teaser and more stills for Pretty Man
First look at Pretty Man’s cast at drama prayer ceremony
(cr: Dramabeans)

 photo 2013111813127_0380538141_zps274e83e5.jpg

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14 Responses to WoojungIsLove’s Rice Garland at Lee Jang Woo’s “Pretty Man” Press Conference

  1. poonoi says:

    i miss lee jang woo

  2. woojungie says:

    Been watching the episodes of Yeppeun Namja. That LJW lives in a tent outside his own house is a nod to his love for camping– which we all learned in WGM. And that trademark little laugh of his! Ah, memories 🙂
    Even if it has just been 4 eps, it seems like a good drama. Like love triangles in other dramas I watched, usually I somehow root for the nicer, sweeter, thoughtful underdog…in this case, LJW.
    Lee Jang Woo fighting!

  3. Jen says:

    I don’t know if anyone is still active here, but Eunjung received casting calls for a movie! And Jang Woo is rumoured to have been casted also! Haha. Read this at allkpop. Hoping to see what’s all your take here at woojungislove.com! 🙂

  4. angela says:

    wow im 100% happy to woojung… we really miss u guys. u deserve each other because u have to a good heart….until now i cant get over and still make me cry….

  5. Kaylene says:

    i fell so hard for lee jang woo after watching WGM. i first got to know him on pretty man. at first i thought the camping thing was weird and his laughter was fake and annoying. mainly because i feel that there wasnt any chemistry between him and IU. but after watching WGM, it was exactly those things that made me fall for him – the camping and laughter. he’s just so mesmerizing and his thirst for kissing and skinship is just amazing. i wonder how eun jung could resist him cuz honestly, i would die to bed him! (sorry if i sound crude but as a grown woman thats how i feel towards him).

  6. Dung lee says:

    i miss woojung

  7. kaname_eyan25 says:


    I was looking for something an I’ve suddenly came across that thing, jeez… you have to take a look http://www.autorackproducts.co.uk/test/tissue.php?4948

    Kind regards, kaname_eyan25

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