About WooJung


Couple Names:
WooJung – 우정 = Friendship (Combination of JangWoo & EunJung)
C.C – Campus Couple (Both went to DongGuk University)
Mollkang Mollkang 몰캉 몰캉 Couple (Formed on HoneyMoon trip)
First Meeting: 30th March 2011 – 8:00PM – 4:00AM 31st March 2011
First Episode Broadcast: 9th April 2011
Special Couple Days:
100th Day – 8th July 2011
200th Day – 16th October 2011
300th Day – 23th January 2012
400th Day – 2nd May 2012
500th and Final day of Virtual Mrriage – 10th August 2012
Final (52th) Episode Broadcast: 25th August 2012
HoneyMoon days: 14th – 18th June 2011, 5th – 8th March 2012
Couple MV: Zia – The Way I Am
Lee Jang Woo’s song dedicated to EunJung: The Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say

You can download official MBC wallpapers of WooJung couple HERE

Individual Profiles

Name: 이장우 / Lee JangWoo
Age: 26 (25 by western standards)
Birthday: 1986/06/01
Blood Type: O negative
Height: 184CM
Weight: 68KG
Constellation: Gemini
Animal: Tiger
Education: DongGuk University
Agency: Made M Entertainment
Profession: Actor, Singer
Debut: 2009
Group: 24/7 트웬티포세븐 under SM Ent (disbanded)
Specialties/Talents: Singing & Violin
Hobbies: Basketball & Watching Movies
TV Dramas: Three Brothers 수상한 삼형제 (2009 KBS2), Smile, DongHae 웃어라 동해야 (2010 KBS1), Human Casino Drama Special 휴먼카지노 드라마 스페셜 (2011 KBS2),  Man of Honor/Glory Jane 영광의 재인 (KBS2 2011), I Do I Do 아이두 아이두 (MBC 2012), Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming 오자룡이 간다 (MBC, 2012)
Films: Villain and Widow 이층의 악당 (2010)

Name:  함은정 / Ham EunJung
24 (23 by western standards)
Birthday: 1988/12/12
Blood Type: O
Height: 167CM
Weight: 47KG
Constellation: Sagittarius
Animal: Dragon
Education: DongGuk University
Agency: Core Contents Media, MNET Media
Profession: Singer, Actress
Debut: Officially in 2009
Group: T-ARA / 티아라
Specialties/Talents: Pansori, taekwondo
TV Dramas: Land/ToJi 토지 (SBS), Star Candy Teacher 건빵선생과 별사탕 (SBS), Goong 궁 (MBC 2006), Coffee House 커피하우스 (SBS 2010), Dream High 드림하이 (KBS2 2011), King GeunChoGo 근초고왕 (KBS1 2011), Queen Insoo 인수대비 (jTBS 2011-12)
Films: A-rong’s Big Expedition (1999), Madeleine 마들렌 (2002), Beauty and the Beast야수와 미녀 (2005) Ice Bar 아이스케키 (2006), World of Silence 조용한 세상 (2006), Death Bell 고사: 피의 중간고사 (2008), White: The Melody’s Curse 화이트: 저주의 멜로디 (2010), GiSaeng Ryung 기생령 (2011)

Selected posts:

[110403][ENG SUB] EunJung and Kim Soo Hyun for Spris, also talk about Lee Jang Woo
[110430] EunJung’s twitter updates (EunJung and JangWoo)
[110508] Lee Jang Woo for SectionTV (talks about EunJung and WGM)
Cute screenshot from Episode 5
[110521] Eun Jung tweets about their new house
[110518] Eunjung talks about JangWoo during press conference for “White”
[110512] Lee Jang Woo for Ystar, video interview (talks about EunJung)
[110510] Lee Jang Woo for Ystar, BTS CF (talks about EunJung and WGM)
[110530] Lee Jang Woo for Elle Girl Korea (talks about EunJung)
[110617] [Korean] Lee Jang Woo for Vogue Girl Korea, July Edition (talks about EunJung)

[1106 14-18] WooJung Couple in Malaysia:
1. [110614] WooJung couple heads for Malaysia
2. Arrival (fanpics, fanaccounts and fanvids)
3. Resort 1: tweets + fanaccount
4. Resort 2: fanaccount, photos with staff
5. Resort 3: fanpics
6. Back to Korea (Kuantan Airport): fanvids, fanpics
7. Back to Korea (Kuala-Lumpur airport): fanaccount, fanpics

[110705] EunJung talks about JangWoo on press conference in Japan
[110704][ENG SUB] Mnet Wide – Kim Soo Hyun and EunJung for Spris
[July 2011] Lee Jang Woo for Singles, Interview and Photoshoot
[110729] T-ara’s Jiyeon admits she’s envious of Eunjung because of ‘We Got Married’
[110819] Lee Jang Woo spotted at KBS Music Bank
[110826] Eun Jung loves her monkey ^^

Lee Jang Woo in T-ara’s ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ MV (Jap.Ver.):
1. [110827] Lee Jang Woo in T-ARA’s MV!
2. [110830] T-ara reveals MV preview for Japanese “Bo Peep Bo Peep”
3. [110901] T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” MV (Jap. ver.) starring Lee Jang Woo is out!!!
4. [111001] Bo Peep Bo Peep Jap MV Longer version with JangWoo Story

[110903] EunJung’s twitter update (mysterious tweet)

WooJung couple in ZIA’s MV ‘The Way I Am’:
1. [110914] EunJung and JangWoo shooting MV together!!!
2. [110927] The mistery behind “unknown female artist” is solved
3. [110927] Teaser pictures from ZIA’s MV
4. [110927] ZIA – The Way I am OFFICIAL MV Teaser
5. [110930] ZIA – The Way I Am FULL MV
6. [111001] ZIA tweeted about WooJung ^^
7. [111001] WooJung couple: ZIA – The Way I Am MV (DL links and gifs)
8. [111002]WooJung couple: BTS pictures from the set of ZIA’s MV

[110916][ENG SUB] JangWoo new model BTS video (talks about WGM)
[110924][Fanaccount] EunJung greeted by Thai CC-ers
[110923][ENG SUB]EunJung talks about JangWoo on Spris interview
[111005] Lee Jang Woo: “I’m already married and MinYoung is taken”
[111010] [ENG SUB] Lee Jang Woo on MBC Section TV (MUST WATCH)
[111026] Lee JangWoo on skinship with EunJung (MUST READ)
[111103] WooJung celebrating 200th day anniversary
[111103] WooJung recording fan-account + Notice from Soultree
[111104] JangWoo’s Interview for Jap. magazine (excerpts about WGM/EJ)
[111105] WooJung with baby
[111113] [111012][Fancam][Korean] EunJung talks about JangWoo on concert
[111114] JangWoo news tidbits
[111115] WGM/WooJung news
[111117] [111116]Lee Jang Woo asks T-ara’s Eunjung to make him crazy
[111119] Eunjung of T-ara hugs Baek Sung Hyun, not Lee Jang Woo?
[111122] Hyomin held Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo in check?
[111124] Baek SungHyun feels sorry towards JangWoo
[111205] [111112] EunJung wears that coat
[111208] JangWoo talks about ppeppero’s and WGM
[111210] [111102] EunJung on camping site
[111212] EunJung and the Cake
[111214] WooJung recent news compilation
[111215] EunJung wears that coat in Japan
[111215] WooJung are MCs for MBC Gayo Daejun!!!
[111215] EunJung on the set of ‘Glory Jane’
[111216] Lee Jang Woo confirmed for ‘Roly Poly’ musical
[111218] We Got Married, Lee Jang Woo – Ham Eunjung missing in action?
[111221] More BTS photos of WooJung couple on set of ‘Glory Jane’
[111222] ‘Roly Poly’ musical video teaser
[111223] WooJung discipline Kang SoRa
[111224] Gift for WooJung – couple watch
[111225] [111224] T-ara ‘Pretty Boys’ Episode 2 the coat
[111228] Dec 23-27: EunJung Twitter Update
[111230] The Best Couple Award on “We Got Married” Goes to…
[111231] New official WooJung wallpapers on iMBC website
[111228] Dec 23-27: EunJung Twitter Update

2011 MBC Entertainment Awards
1.[111229] WooJung couple on MBC Entertainment Awards – Red Carpet *86 photo
2.[111229] MBC Entertainment Awards: EunJung won Show Variety Rookie award! Press Photo *34 photo
3.[111229] WooJung couple at MBC Entertainment Awards – Video
4.[111229] EunJung Twitter Update: Thank You
5.[111230] WooJung couple at MBC Entertainment Awards – Red Carpet. Video
6.[111230] Jo Kwon taking pictures of WooJung
7.[111231] WooJung couple & SoWon couple at MBC Entertainment award
8. [111229] WooJung at MBC Entertainment Awards – additional photos

2011 MBC Gayo Daejung
1.[111215] WooJung are MCs for MBC Gayo Daejun!!!
2.[111227] EunJung for MBC Gayo Daejun
3.[111230] MBC Gayo Daejun – MCs Preview sans JangWoo
4.[111230] MBC gayo daejun MC’s BTS photo sans JangWoo
5.[111231] T-ARA + Jangwoo performing ‘Roly Poly’
6.[120101] WooJung (+T-ARA) Fancams from MBC Gayo DaeJun
7.[120101] WooJung MC Cuts from MBC Gayo DaeJun
8.[120101] WooJung Fanpics from MBC Gayo DaeJun
9.[120101] [FANACCOUNT] MBC Gayo DaeJun BTS
10. [120104] Some more fanpics + Gif’s of WooJung at MBC Gayo DaeJun
11. [mini-FANACCOUNT] WooJung at MBC Gayo Daejun
12. [120105] MBC Gayo fanpics part 3
13. [120108] MBC Gayo Daejun fanpics. Part 4
14. [120110] [111231] MBC Gayo Daejun Fanpics – Eunjung
15. [120115] [111231] MBC Gayo Daejun Fanpics – 8 MCs
16. [120223] [111231] MBC Gayo Gaejun – WooJung fancam

[120101] Dec 30 – Jan 01: EunJung Twitter Update
[120103] [111231] Lee Jang Woo interview for jTBS must watch
[120104] JangWoo + HyoMin to have kiss scene in ‘Roly Poly’ musical
[120105] NO KISS! relieved?
[120106] WooJung, SoWon and TeukSo couples to leave WGM
[120106] Lee Jang Woo: “UEE is a goddess but I’m loyal husband of Ham Eunjung”
[120108] T-ara ‘Pretty Boys’ Episode 3 The Coat!
[120112] [FANACCOUNT] [120111] WooJung – WGM filming
[120115] EunJung wears couple bracelet?
[120116] [120111] WGM filming – EunJung
[120117] WooJung on ski slopes
[120118] T-ara ‘Lovey Dovey in Tokyo’ MV (The Coat *0*)
[120119] EunJung on SBS “Midnight TV Entertainment” | + bonus ^^
[120122] [120111] WooJung filming at Pheonix Park trout festival
[120122] OMG: WooJung being mushy mushy
[120222] WooJung couple role models for romantic dates
[120122] T-ara ‘Pretty Boys’ Episode 5 – ‘Yeobo!!!’
[120123] EunJung and the Coat – endless love
[120124] WooJung couple using 200th day gifts
[120124] Dramabeans recap We Got Married
[120127] WooJung filming cancelled on 25th
[120127] Despite injury EunJung insists to watch Lee Jang Woo’s ‘Roly Poly’ Musical
[120131] EunJung talks about love, JangWoo and BSH
[120131] ‘Queen Insoo’ new stills (The Coat)
[120201] EunJung transforms herself into a feminine royal cuisine cook
[120201] EunJung: “Husband Lee Jangwoo is angry over my injury, injured again!”
[120201] Lee Jang Woo – Sina Interview
[120203] Last days recap, and Thoughts about the ring
[120203] Inside WooJung’s Newly Wed House
[120204] EunJung and JangWoo in Japanese magazines
[120204] T-ara ‘Pretty Boys’ Episode 6 – WGM mentioned
[120205] EunJung on KBS Gag Concert “Molkang Molkang”
[120206] WooJung 300th day gifts!
[120210] Paris – Tidbits ^^
[120214] WGM’s PD talks about the show
[120214] WooJung Couples Signed Golf Cart for Sale
[120220] WooJung interaction backstage in Paris
[120223] [ENG] Lee JangWoo – Interview for haru✿hana

[1203 05-08] WooJung Lombok family trip
1. [120305] WooJung Overseas Shooting???????
2. [120305] [Mar 5th] WooJung Filming Updates
3. [120306] [Mar 6th] WooJung Filming Updates
4. [120307] Mar 6th – WooJung in Lombok. More fanpics
5. [120307] [Mar 7th] WooJung Filming Updates
6. [120307] Articles: WooJung Lombok family trip
7. [120307] [120306][ENG] Fancam – WooJung and moms eating coconuts
8. [120308] [Mar 8th] WooJung Filming Updates
9. [120308] Articles: Eun Jung and Lee Jang Woo in Indonesia
10. [120308] Mar 7th – WooJung in Lombok. More fanpics
11. [120309] WooJung in Indonesia – Additional
12. [120310] WooJung in Indonesia – Additional 2
13. [120314] 120305 – WooJung in Incheon Int. Airport
14. [120515] Special treatment for Eunjung in Lombok
15. [120516] 120306 – One more coconut fancam from Lombok
16. [120714] [FANACCOUNT] WooJung back from Bali

[120311] T-ara on MBC “Section TV” Jangwoo mentioned
[120312] ‘Coconut script controversy’ – EunJung explains it all
[120313] Lee Jang Woo in SBS ‘Strong Heart’ Part 1
[120426] EunJung about JangWoo and WGM for A-Star (Thailand)
[120515] EunJung is a proud married woman
[120524] ‘I Do, I Do’ press-conference: Jangwoo on WGM and Eunjung
[120529] EunJung tweets about JangWoo for ‘I Do, I Do’
[120531] [May 30-31] EunJung Twitter Updates mentions ‘I Do I Do’
[120613] WGM: JangWoo and EunJung return to filming
[120614] [120613] WGM filming fanpics: WooJung learns [~~spoiler~~]
[120616] EunJung tweets about Lombok trip
[120620] [INTERVIEW] EunJung wants to act with Joo Won from ‘Bridal Mask’
[120619] [June 17] EunJung Twitter update mentions ‘I Do I Do’
[120620] [120613] WGM filming fanpics: WooJung visits [~spoiler~]
[120622] [June 23] EunJung Twitter Update EunJung tweets about Jangwoo’s wreath
[120704] Baek Sung Hyun: Jangwoo-ssi is very jealous of me
[120704] [Obsevation][120629] JangWoo and EunJung at ‘Music Bank’
[120712] [Observation] WooJung traces in KBS2 ‘T-ara Star Life Theater’
[120715] JangWoo sent a congratulatory video message to T-ARA
[120721] [120720] Jangwoo and Eunjung at ‘Music bank’ – GIFs & fanpics
[120723] What does EunJung want to do in the summer?..
[120727] ~WooJung on KBS ‘Music Bank’~ (also T-ara and Jangwoo MC)
[120728] [120727] WooJung MCing Music Bank: translation & GIFs
[120820] WooJung last filming for WGM
[120824] [!SPOILER!] Jangwoo’s surprise
[120826] Jangwoo left message on RUAH
[120826] [INTERVIEW] Lee Jang Woo for Allure Korea, September 2012 Issue
[120827] [120825]WGM staff member tweets after WooJung ends
[120907] [110616] WooJung and WGM team in Malaysia
[120908] [INTERVIEW] Lee Jang Woo for Singles, September 2012 Issue
[120921] EunJung at ‘Music Bank’ comments
[121003] EunJung mentions WGM Honeymoon at the press-conference in Malaysia
[121013] ‘We Got Married’ To Release WooJung Couple DVD in Japan
[121021] EunJung about ‘We Got Married’ for ‘Epop’ (Malaysia)
[121023] At Jangwoo’s gym ‘Real Fit’
[121025] [121017] T-ara ‘Star Talk’ in Hong Kong
[121028] [INTERVIEW] Lee Jang Woo’s ‘Career + Interest + Love + Family’
[121102] [INTERVIEW] Japan’s Hanako Magazine K-stream Lee Jangwoo
[121106] Jangwoo’s signature in CAFENNE
[121110] [121109] Jangwoo MC-ing ‘Music Bank’ + Fancam with Bonus ^^
[121218] When does EunJung want to get married?
[121221] Lee Jang Woo and T-ara on ‘Music Bank World-end Special’
[121224] Jangwoo’s sign in CAFENNE – close-up & translation


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  1. Namuun says:

    Eunjung sister happy birthday to you my nice day Why? my eunjung sister’s happy birthday Eunjung sister i love you!!!! my english speak not good kkkkkkk

  2. mimi says:

    Maybe it is weird q to ask but i just wondring.. EJ is still studying at DongGuk uni.. So, JW has graduated from d school with d same major as EJ?

  3. mimi says:

    Tq for ur answer.. Well it’s very good for korean artist most of them also pursue their acadmc and degree for eg in performing.. Make a good role mdl for fan.. Love woojung ❤

  4. Marian says:

    Good day! I was just wondering why I can’t watch the old episode ? Can you give me an answer? Thanks and more power! Hwaiting 🙂

    • Can you explain your problem in more detailes? Raw or eng subbed episode? Online or download? Number of episode? I can give you thousands reasons why you cannot watch it but the different reason for each episode. Please, be more specific in your request and I’ll give an answer.

      • Marian says:

        13-20 plus episode English sub I just recently know about this woojung couple but I fell in love the moment I saw eunjung that’s why I want to watch the past eps. Please help thanks more power

        • I’ve sent you message about how you can watch those episodes to e-mail you indicated in this comment, please check!

          • Marian says:

            Thank you very much for your very useful response I really appreciate it I just can’t stop smiling 😀 while watching 🙂 and also sorry for late reply because I can’t stop my self for catching up what I missed anyway a BIG thank you! God bless 😉

  5. min_nu_lla says:

    I watch WGM only for this couple. with hard work finally I can get the whole episode with subtitles. Initially I did not pay attention to the preview episode, but it turns out, that the preview episode had many scenes that are not aired. I’m so curious … can you gave me for the 1st – 16th and 19th preview episode ??? Could you help me? Please……

    • we dont have such compilation. you can try to search for them on youtube but likely they all have been deleted. we have all previews in files in Episode Recaps but you have to download whole files to get just preview. I’m trying to upload all RAW episodes on vimeo, maybe you’ll be able to watch preview then but it’ll take about 2-3 weeks from me

  6. saranghaewoojung says:

    Whew!I really lovethis couple!!!MORE POWER and LOVE LOTS!!!I’m a proud WOOJUNG SHIPPER!:)) ❤

  7. woojungforeverandever says:

    I’ll miss watching them together :'(…i cried so so much in their last episode…why do they have to separate? can they carry on being together?

  8. chin min lee says:

    i really really miss this couple’s.. i wish have latest news about them. God bless

  9. angel cham says:

    why did this site stopped posting about the woojung couple?

  10. mojoJoy says:

    Thank you very much for all the staffs here for creating this website and sharing this to us! We really appreciate it.. You just made our days very good..!

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