[From CCrs] with ♥

This page contains all kinds of love CC-rs show to WooJung. Don’t just read or watch, become part of WooJung beautiful world! We have option of guest blogging, so if you have something to say, just simply say it! 

Observation/fan posts:

1. [110910] Ring Investigation by yuoi
2. [111006] WooJung rings: mysteries and answers by yuoi
3. [111016] WooJung 200th Day post by Soultree
4. [111111] Pepero Day Post by Soultree & yuoi
5. [111120] WooJung: little cute things by yuoi
6. [111208] WooJung Couple: little cute things. Part 2 by Nana, catgoh92, yuoi
7. [111211] Officially Missing You – Like A Star – Snowflower by yuoi
8. [111227] WooJung housewarming: JangWoo’s watch mystery by yuoi, found on baidu
9. [120107] [Observation] Woojung’s ‘Lovey Dovey’? by yuoi
10. [120113] [Recap] Episode 38 – Eunjung’s Birthday by yuoi
11. [120115] EunJung wears couple bracelet?
12. [120122]  OMG: WooJung being mushy mushy
13. [120124] WooJung couple using 200th day gifts
14. [120125] [120123] WooJung 300th day by Soultree
15. [120126] WooJung’s Sagittarius + Gemini Relationship analysis by catgoh92
16. [120216] Not a WGM couple ring, but…?
17. [120330] WooJung 1st Year Anniversary

Fan Fiction:

1. [ONE-SHOT] You Belong To Me by catgoh92
2. [120104] [Fanfiction] New Years Special  by catgoh92
3. [120222] [FANFICTION] Oneshot – Valentine’s Answer

Fan Art:

1. WooJung’s Brain Map by catgoh92

Fanmade MV:

1. Fanmade MV: Count on Me – WooJung Love by catgoh92
2. Fanmade MV: Woojung Couple – A Thousand Years by @TheOrdinaryMe_
3. Fanmade MV: Woojung Couple || I Love You Everyday by @TheOrdinaryMe_
4. Fanmade MV: WooJung Couple – 3 MVs by @theOrdinaryMe_
5. Fanmade MV: WooJung Couple || ♥ Perhaps Love ♥ by @theOrdinaryMe_


[110708] WooJung’s 100th Day, and Our first project

WooJung in Love Project (ongoing):
1. Information post


3 Responses to [From CCrs] with ♥

  1. kai32 says:

    what photo editor is best to use? what did you guys used to create an fantastic headers and photos?? can you give me the sites? thanks

  2. aina says:

    no more latest observation/fan posts??????? 😦

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