If someone would like to share his/her love to WooJung by making header for this page, the needed size is 940 × 198 pixels. Your artworks will be highly appreciated =)  You can leave them right here in the comments, or send to woojungislove@gmail.com

by Jung Mi


by Minzypics21

by riyel

by zita1504

by Soya621

by Na.NoOn

by Soultree:


by Dewi

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

by yuoi 

yuoi5 yuoi4 christmasheader.png 

14 Responses to Headers

  1. yuoi says:

    it’s really hard but I pick my favourites!
    1st – last one with sunset. It’s romantic, silent and thoughtful. Like the love should be: two people looking in the same direction. and this lyrics just looks beautiful T.T
    2nd – on the bed. I dont know why but I LOVE how green sign is matching with that decoration/flower/plant. lol
    3rd – kisskisskiss! It was beautiful in action, it’s beautiful on the picture. It’s simple and it’s love!

    but actually, I love all of them! ^^ Soultree is rockstar!

    • I agree … 100%

      LOL the one on the bed where the writing matched the plant/flower … >.< it took me ages to realize that i had done that. completely by mistake.
      It's still my favorite one.

      maybe one day I'll learn how to do something else than glow text and how to blend 😄

  2. kabamify says:

    yay! i really like our new header 😀 AMAAAZING!

  3. MaLLy says:

    Congratulations administrations!!!!

    Thanks you!!!

  4. MaLLy says:


  5. crazyforyou says:

    WUAH… new header.. yeoppota… !! beautiful….

  6. crazyforyou says:

    suddenly I realize, we have new header above…. very beautiful… ❤

  7. Lovkook says:

    I like the sunset, the bed and the piggy back.
    But all are so beautiful..thanks for bring back woojung days

  8. i like the Soultree one.
    or all her’s hahahahha

  9. mtdrhj says:

    thank you @YuQixin …

  10. Song says:

    Really great works for updating Woojung fans and a big thank you with much exciting news and evergreen headers.

  11. lily26 says:

    Very beautiful Header.. thank you @YuQixin, you are such a wonderful girl 😉 Eunjung’s birthday will come soon.. 3 days to go.. 🙂

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