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Here is the thread where you can post a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g you want, WooJung-not-WooJung, T-ara-not-T-ara, Jangwoo-not-Jangwoo related.

Also it would be better if you could post comments with

– tips for the admins (if they’re not related to the recent posts content);
– questions and requests (if they’re not related to the recent posts content);
– links to various votings

in this thread too.

Of course it doesnt mean that we’ll start to delete your fun and weird conversations from the regular posts comments. It’s just if you suddenly want to say that you’ve rewatched WooJung Episode 9 and again amazed how sexy gas station scene was.. this is the best place to share ^^

Some tips:

– for your post not to be awaiting for moderation it should include not more than 5 links

– if you want to post YT video, it’s enough to post short youtube links in the comment – a video appears itself

– if you want to post picture (or .gif) and want it to be visible (not URL link) you need to use codes

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407 Responses to Your Thread

  1. sunshiny says:


  2. Kimlily says:

    Today is Jangwoo’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I wish EJ will make a big suprise to you.

  3. inhancyingene says:

    Hello Kitty
    Hello, my name is nicala

  4. Sokkeang Yun says:

    I wish oneday surprised will popping out missed woojung.

  5. carlabhe0207 says:

    im still hoping this site will be as lively as before 😦

  6. dwiv1 says:

    Dear admin, will you update the web?

  7. dee says:

    I can handle it again…I really really miss this couple…especially eunjung coz I can’t find her on drama or some show maybe…. I want see her…. T T

  8. mojaslatka says:

    I miss this site. I miss Woojung. I was just rewatching their episodes. Eunjung being Show Champion MC made it bearable for me but I really miss her in dramas. I hope that after their Japan tour(while their agency are still deciding for their next song), Eunjung will appear in a drama.

  9. elena says:

    Only here, i can say this:
    T-ara’s new song “Bikini” (1st ag.) will release an MV.
    I think, only ccers understand, Lee Jang Woo would be a perfect co-star. Remember, honeymoon WGM?

  10. mtdrhj says:

    woops, i thougt this site was die out yesterday …
    but well who knows ….
    still here waiting …

  11. mtdrhj says:

    T.T … an update …
    thank you …

  12. vdwi1 says:

    miss Eunjung-Jang Woo couple… When will I see your lovey-dovey act again?? Just rewatch their episodes and I already miss them so much

  13. woojunggo says:

    2014 already, but woojung is in my hearts.
    While I know our Jangwoo oppa soon will go to army and Eunjung unnie being busy with T-Ara schedule.
    I just want to say woojung is one and only couple to make me interest in WGM They are my best couple.

  14. vitta says:

    Ayo ccr, Our woojung couple will reined together again after 2 years. It just good on good news for us fan because Eunjung will back to act again after 3 years. When I heard it Eunjung will be act us land role in Movie Boss Began I so happens than along with Son HoJun(T-ara Fan boy) and oh Lee JangWoo Did it fate or anything
    Anyway I’m guess being a woojung fan we should do party…..yo yo yo…..

  15. qqwweerrttyy says:

    Why did they made them break up suddenly?? So sad 😦

  16. zita1504Z says:

    i hope this website will work on again when eunjung and jangwoo ‘s movie start ^^
    CC-ers!Believe and wait together ^^ ❤
    Waiting for u guys to come back 0v0 ~

  17. Vitta says:

    Whenever I miss woojung I just visit this site,I miss woojung sweet time

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