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On the filming set of ‘Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming’

The mom and her son visited MBC pavilion where ‘OJRIC’ filming takes its place. This mom does some DIY things for MBC. She wrote: “Hahaha, Lee Jang Woo posed for photo, and also shook hands with us. He’s such a … Continue reading

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[FANACCOUNT] WooJung back from Bali

source: clien.career.co.kr (Korean) Kor-Chi Trans: Shapley水の滢 @ WooJung baidu Chi-Eng Trans: @catgoh92 Lee Jangwoo and Ham EunJung couple is really lovey dovey I happen to sit on the same flight back to Korea from Bali. At that time, Lee Jangwoo seems to be … Continue reading

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WooJung fan’s conversation with EunJung’s mom

Chinese WooJung fan, Ancy, is in Korea now. She managed to visit MadeM (Jangwoo’s company) & CCM (T-ara’s agency), which are actually 600 meters away from each other, and CAFENNE, EunJung’s mom cafe. While visiting cafe, she met EunJung’s mom and … Continue reading

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[June 23] Fans greeted Jangwoo and his staff in Hong Kong

Everything taken with permission of WooJung baidu bar. Please, don’t take out without proper credits. Thank you. credit: WooJung baidu We’ll never get tired to thank and admire our Chinese friends who met JangWoo and his team in Hong Kong. Time, … Continue reading

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‘I Do I Do’ press-conference: articles and fanaccount

Excerpts from fanaccount by Hazel translated by Alodia (soompi) You can read full fanaccount HERE (I Do I Do Soompi thread) “…Then third to come was Lee Jang Woo and I must say, he is really good looking in person. I “wowed” … Continue reading

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[120424] Jangwoo filming ‘I Do, I Do’

UPDATED source: nioskorealife @ FB Today I saw Lee Jang Woo from ‘We Got Married’. At first we couldn’t remember who is he. He was really tall and has small face and I managed to have eye contact with him. We are … Continue reading

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[I DO I DO] Fanaccount about JangWoo & Character Chart

Source: saradachoi @ blog naver Credit for the find: hamuses @ baidu Kor-Chi: @Chingkhunnie Chi-Eng: @catgoh92 The blogger went to one of the sauna and saw the first day filming of <I DO I DO>. The filming atmosphere seems pretty good. The director, staffs … Continue reading

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