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WooJung Couple Final Episode Text Preview

Kor-Chi: Shapley 水の滢 @ woojung baidu Chi-Eng: @catgoh92 _____________________________________ JangWoo ❤ EunJung: The Last Date One night, JangWoo receives the mission card, after seeing the content, his facial expression changes…                     … Continue reading

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WooJung Episode 51 Text Preview

Kor-Chi Trans: Chingkhunnie @ WooJung Baidu Chi-Eng Trans: @catgoh92 _______________________________ WooJung Couple: A late night date with reason WooJung couple who wanted to get the house so desperately, asks for Dimple’s house, camping car, and WooJung’s house to become the bet for … Continue reading

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WooJung Episode 50 Text Preview

Kor-Chi Trans: Shapley水の滢 @ WooJung baidu Chi-Eng Trans: @catgoh92 _____________________________________________________  Jangwoo ♥ EunJung: The birth of the gang liar couple for livelihood Double career couple Jangwoo-EunJung Couple! Jangwoo welcomes EunJung home after she came back from work… What will happen today? Sensing the problems from … Continue reading

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WooJung Episode 49 Text Preview

JangWoo ♥ EunJung: “The last victory” 2012 edition EunJung and JangWoo have gone to learn pole dancing! they received a mission to ‘take a photo’ while hanging off the pole.. JangWoo, regarless of his clothes, comes with a burning competitiveness! Will … Continue reading

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WooJung Episode 48 Text Preview

JangWoo ♥ EunJung: Rebirth of the ‘Athletic Body’ couple After the Lombok trip they’ve spent a long time seperated, JangWoo and Eunjung! in the meantime JangWoo has become a ‘athletic body’ type with lots of hard excercise, however… At JangWoo’s fitness … Continue reading

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WooJung Episode 47 Text Preview

JangWoo ♥ EunJung: A romantic wedding ceremony and a heart-thumping first night! The 1st year anniversary and wedding ceremony on the same day! Decorated with flowers one ham EunJung and Lee JangWoo are taken to their wedding ceremony on horse and cart! The … Continue reading

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WooJung Episode 46 Text Preview

‘woogyeol’ EunJung! First phone call with her father-in-law! Will they get to know each other over the phone? Lee JangWoo – EunJung couple and the satisfied mother-in-laws get to know each other followed by an unexpected call from both father-in-laws. … Continue reading

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