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Actor Kwon Hyun Sang tweets after T-ara fan-meeting in Japan

– Happened to meet T-ara who is holding their fanmeeting in Tokyo. You are really becoming more and more like a yeosin. To coordinate with the size of your heads, Oppa very gentlemanly leaned backwards. Mian Mian (sorry). Source: @uniq81 Kor-Chi … Continue reading

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Ryong brothers are not depressed ^^

Ryu Dam tweeted: – 크리스마스에두 촬영중…자룡이형이랑 대기실에 분위기 냈어요”오자룡이간다”퐈이링~!!우린 우울하지 않아요ㅜㅜ 크리스마스는 점점 간다… ㅋㅋㅋ source: @dam1102

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Lee Jang Woo filming ‘Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming’

Today OJRIC has filming outside, therefore many fan taken pictures ^^ Ryu Dam tweeted: – 뜨거운형제~!!!분식은 우리가 접수한다~!!!나보다 7살어린 우리 자룡이형ㅋㅋㅋ cr: @dam1102

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Jaemin’s mention on Eunjung in the interview

Source: enews (Korean) In the interview, Jaemin said that after he tweeted in support for EunJung (and got hated because of it), EunJung contacted him and said ‘Why oppa did it, just like a fool…’. He cannot talk about this … Continue reading

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[110616] WooJung and WGM team in Malaysia

Suddenly found… @stonedoli‘s facebook (posted on 22th January 2012): 이때 참 즐거웠더랬지요….추우니까 갑자기 생각나네요…말레이시아!

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WGM staff member tweets after WooJung ends

Many of you heard about @stonedoli (she’s a member of WGM production team). This is a tweet she wrote on the day of WooJung Final Episode: “Watching the last episode back again – I couldn’t even cry properly that day, … Continue reading

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Jae Min tweets supportive messages to EunJung

Source: @actorajm (Ahn Jae Min – EunJung’s andWooJung’s friend) Kor-Chi Trans: Shapley水の滢 @ WooJung baidu Chi-Eng Trans: @catgoh92                                                    … Continue reading

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